Where is Michael Hernandez Now?

Michael Hernandez caught national attention when he brutally stabbed his best friend over 40 times in the neck, face, and hands back in 2004. Both 14 years at the time, Michael Hernandez was found guilty and was given a mandatory life sentence for the murder of Jamie Gough. He made several headlines with fragments of grisly evidence showing his obsession with becoming a serial killer. If you want to know the whereabouts of Michael Hernandez in the present time, read on.

Who is Michael Hernandez?

As a teen, Michael Hernandez aspired to become a serial killer, which led him to savagely stabbing his friend to death at Southwood Middle on 3 Feb 2004. Juvenile at the time, he was convicted of first-degree murder and was subjected to a life sentence after his trial in 2008, which was later revised after the U.S. Supreme Court in 2012 barred automatic life terms without the chance of parole for minors convicted of murder.

In 2006, a Miami-Dade Circuit judge, John Schlesinger, imposed the maximum possible prison term on Hernandez, 26 at the time, who had sought a reduced sentence for killing Jaime Gough on the grounds of mental competency and having deep regrets for his actions. The judge ruled that Michael Hernandez will continue to spend the rest of his life in prison for the murder he committed, citing that the man still seems to be obsessed with violence, death, and serial killers.

One of the major witnesses and Hernandez’s former friend, Andre Martin recounted his own brush with death in the aftermath of Jaime’s heinous stabbing. Martin remembered the day before the incident when Hernandez leading him and fellow schoolmate Jaime to the bathroom at Southwood Middle School and then into the handicap stall. Hernandez insisted Martin to go first but not feeling right about the situation, he balked. Jaime didn’t though.

A stickler for timeliness, Jaime was saved by the school bells as he made for his class. Hernandez attempted the same routine the very next day and succeeded in killing Jaime. Upon investigation, the police found a list Hernandez curated entering all the people he wanted to kill including Jaime, Martin, his own sister, and a bunch of other targets.

Where is Michael Hernandez Today?

The three-day hearing exposed hundreds of Hernandez’s jail phone calls and messages, convincing the judge that Hernandez hasn’t changed a bit since the slaying. If anything, he has only grown to embrace the prospect of taking more lives. In his conversations, the inmate spoke a great deal about serial killers of the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer, mass shooting such as the Columbine High School killings in Colorado, and violent metal-music including lyrics about slayings and mayhem.

He further goes on to put these gruesome criminals on a pedestal saying he doesn’t understand why so many mass killers take their own lives before they can enjoy, what he calls, the glory and the fun. Schlesinger said, “I did not anticipate that there was going to talk about rainbows and unicorns and puppies. But what I received is truly grotesque.” He added, “Hernandez is essentially the same kind of person he was in 2004. He has no real insight or empathy for the victims of these crimes.”

Dressed in a red jumpsuit and handcuffed at the wrists, Hernandez shows no reaction upon listening to the judgement deciding his fate. The family of the victim, Jaime Gough called it a just decision and said Hernandez would pose a grave danger to everyone around him if released.

“I don’t think we want someone like Michael Hernandez as our neighbors,” said Jaime Gough’s father, Jorge Gough. “There is finally justice for my son.” Michael Hernandez is currently doing his time at the Columbia Institute in Florida but will be eligible for parole review in about 10 years under a change in Florida Law that now takes one’s age into account when the crime was committed.

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