Where is Midsomer Murders Filmed?

‘Midsomer Murders’ is a British crime drama series based on the ‘Chief Inspector Barnaby’ book series by author Caroline Graham and adapted for television by Anthony Horowitz. The long-running series centers around Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Tom Barnaby and later DCI John Barnaby, Tom’s younger cousin, solving various gruesome and puzzling murders and other crimes. If you are wondering where the mystical and serene county of Midsomer and other filming locations of the series are situated, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything we know about the filming sites of ‘Midsomer Murders.’

Midsomer Murders Filming Locations

Filming of the show’s first episode began in Autumn of 1996, a few short months before the show premiered in March 1997. The series is primarily set in Midsomer, a fictional county in England. The fictional town of Causton located within the county is DCI Barnaby and his wife’s place of residence. Various locations across England double as places in the towns and villages of Midsomer County. The filming spots of the series are detailed below.

Oxfordshire, England

Oxfordshire is one of the major filming locations of the show, with market towns such as Thame and Wallingford, located in the county, acting as the stand-in for Causton. Barnaby’s house and surrounding areas are filmed in Wallingford. The Thame Town Hall appears in the show as Causton Town Hall. Other towns in Oxfordshire where filming of the show’s episodes has taken place include Henley-on-Thames, Dorchester-on-Thames (the village, not the town), Oxford, and Watlington.

The Six Bells, a 16th-century pub located in Warborough, can be regularly seen as the Black Swan pub. The Argyll and The Black Horse are other pubs in Oxfordshire the characters can be seen visiting.

Buckinghamshire, England

The show’s very first episode was almost entirely filmed in Buckinghamshire County, and the production crew has frequented the location to film multiple episodes over the years. The Bull & Butcher, a pub in Turville Village, is used as the location of The Chalk and Gown, which appears in a handful of episodes. The Waddesdon Manor, located in the Aylesbury Vale district, and various other houses, streets, and storefronts of Cuddington, a village also within the district, appear in several different episodes.

Amersham, Beaconsfield, Haddenham, Denham, and Chesham are some of the other parts of the county where filming of the show often takes place. The Amersham Hospital (as the Causton Hospital) and The Kings Arms Hotel located at 30 High St, Amersham are often used for filming episodes. The Beaconsfield Church is featured in two episodes. An episode was also filmed at Lowndes Park in Chesham.

Hertfordshire, England

Hertfordshire County is also a popular filming destination among the show’s production team, and a significant number of episodes have been filmed there, most notably in Flaunden Village. The Oak Cottage in Flaunden Village appears a few times, including the episodes ‘Midsomer Life’ and ‘Orchis Fatalis.’ The Knebworth House can be seen in the episode ‘The Dark Rider.’ Hemel Hempstead, Tring, Rickmansworth, Denton, and Aldbury are some of the other regions in the county where the filming of episodes has taken place.

Berkshire, England

The shooting for ‘Midsomer Murders’ sometimes takes place in Berkshire County. The Wellington College located at Duke’s Ride in Crowthorne village was transformed into St. Frideswides for the filming of one episode. The Dorney Court is also featured in multiple episodes of the show. Cookham, Eton, Hurley, and Maidenhead are a few of the towns and villages in Berkshire the production crew has visited for filming the series in the past.

Surrey, England

Surrey, a county located in South East England, is among the show’s favored filming spots. Filming has taken place at Albury Village, Thursley Village, Englefield Green Village, Egham Town, Leatherhead, and Kingston upon Thames in the county. Loseley Park, situated at Littleton Lane in the Artington Village, is a usual filming spot for the show’s cast and crew.

London, England

London is one of the most advanced metropolitan cities in the world and therefore not a very suitable location for the show, which predominantly features small towns and villages. However, the city’s Victorian architecture makes some of the sites in the city favorable for filming. Filming of some episodes occurred in Middlesex County, Kensal Green area, and South Kensington area. West End Central Police Station, located at 27 Savile Row, in London, is prominently featured in one episode.

Other Filming Locations In England

Other notable counties in England where filming of certain episodes has taken place include Sussex, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Devon, and Middlesex. A few episodes were also shot at Brighton, a beachy city in East Sussex, and Cambridge, the county town of Cambridgeshire.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is the setting of the show’s 100th episode, titled ‘The Killings of Copenhagen,’ and filming of the episode took place in the city. Sequences for the episode were filmed at Rådhuspladsen (aka the City Hall Square), Nyhavn (aka New Port), a Danish church, and inside the Copenhagen Police Headquarters building.

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