Where is Mike Fisten Now?

The documentary series, ‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich,’ is a harrowing tale of several women who were preyed on by Epstein for sexual gratification and clientele service when most of them were just mere teenagers. The experience, which haunts some of them even today, took a long time to be heard by the public, mainly due to Epstein’s influence, which threatened their very existence if they dared to speak against him. 

Nonetheless, they did come out, in a large number, to not only testify against him but also to file lawsuits. This was made increasingly effective with their lawyers, police officers, and several others who helped them through every odds that were thrown at them. Epstein, who did not lack his own army of private investigators, hired several of them to not only keep tabs on his victims but also scare them into silence. And there were also private detectives like Mike Fisten, who provided his services to bring someone like Epstein down. 

Who is Mike Fisten?

 Mike Fisten is a veteran police officer of the Miami-Dade Police Department. He retired from the force after 15 years, having served as a Detective Sergeant. He spent most of his career in the investigative unit. His assignments were often under the Homicide Bureau, FBI Organised Crime Strike Force, and Robbery Bureau. He also supervised several district detective bureaus, which was inclusive of the street narcotics unit. 

Fisten has also co-authored Facility Security Plans and Standard Operating Procedures. During his tenure as a detective, he worked several high profile cases, such as Operation Cobra, Miami Rover Cops, etc. He also spent around a decade in the Homicide Task Force, which often handles narcotic related homicides. He retired with over 25 departmental awards in hand. In addition, he has been appreciated four times as the Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer of the Year by the US Attorney’s Office in Southern Florida. He also received a top-secret clearance from the FBI and was part of the FBI JTTF. After almost 30 years of being in service, he co-founded Blue Line Investigations. It conducts both civil and criminal investigations throughout the State of Florida, and the rest of the country. 

He was hired by Brad Edwards to investigate Jeffrey Epstein. What he found as a part of his investigation bothers not only him but also the rest of the world. In an interview, he said, “One after another, three girls turned into four girls, turned into five, six, seven and so on…I couldn’t help but think that this could’ve been my daughter or your daughter or my next-door neighbor’s daughter.” Fisten also found out that Epstein had hired private investigators of his own, often threatening the victims into keeping quiet. Even in the documentary, this is made clear when one of the survivors, Shawna Rivera, talks about it. Private investigators would tail her everywhere and park their vehicles outside her residence. It escalated to such an extent that she contacted Edwards, who then sent Fisten, who took her to a hotel for the night. Fisten, thus, has been instrumental in finding out several pieces of information that have been deemed necessary in exposing Epstein for who he is. 

Where is Mike Fisten Now?

Even after Epstein’s death, Mike Fisten has come forward with certain details that add to the case, especially in shedding light on those Epstein was friends with. Epstein’s phone book, which Fisten found, has 13 numbers through which Prince Andrew can be contacted. According to another source, Epstein’s private jet’s co-pilot, it was revealed that Epstein often hired good looking stewardesses who looked like minors and that he also had rooms at the back of the plane. Based on the information given by the co-pilot, Fisten claimed that former President Bill Clinton has boarded that plane over 26 times. 

Mike Fisten lives with his family in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. According to his Facebook profile, he got married in 2018.

He also has an extensive LinkedIn profile that showcases his work experience including the fact that he is currently working as Senior Partner / Investigator at Blue Line Investigative Solutions. He also shares posts of socio-political interest. 

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