Morgan Metzer: Where is the Kidnapping Survivor Now?

Morgan Metzer was looking forward to a fresh start in her life after a divorce from her husband of 10 years, Rodney Metzer. But on the first day of 2021, she woke up to an intruder in her bedroom who violently assaulted her. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Evil Lives Here: He Pretended To Save Me’ shows Morgan talking about their relationship and how the attacker turned out to be her husband. Lifetime’s ‘Gaslit by My Husband: The Morgan Metzer Story’ is also based on the true events of Morgan’s life, giving an insight into her experiences. 

Morgan Metzer’s Ex-Husband Attacked Her in Disguise

On the show, Morgan Metzer talked about Rodney being her first love. They started dating when Morgan was about 15 and tied the knot when she was 21. Initially, things seemed perfect between the two. Morgan also said she didn’t heed her father’s warnings about Rodney. But later, Morgan recalled that Rodney had issues with his temper; he would scream and throw things. The couple eventually extended their family and welcomed twins, but it only worsened.

Morgan also revealed how Rodney’s violent outbursts often led her to lock herself and the children in a closet to stay safe. She said, “I would keep reassuring them that he was just having a bad day and needs time to cool off, and we’re just trying to stay out of the way. I would make it a game, and we would do something in there together.” On the show, Morgan also talked about how Rodney would assault her and even force himself onto her when she would say no to sex.

Eventually, Morgan had enough and filed for divorce after being married for ten years. But Rodney tried to get her back in the days leading up to the attack. At one point, he lied about having cancer and had been sleeping on her couch in the week prior. Then, during the early hours of January 1, 2021, she suddenly woke up to find a masked man standing on her bedroom door. He had a mask on, and his voice was distorted, hinting at an attempt to conceal his identity.

After beating Morgan with a gun, he tried to strangle her twice and then zip-tied her hands behind her back. After that, the intruder sexually assaulted Morgan, put a pillowcase over her head, and left her on the back deck. She added that on his way out, the unknown man threatened her ex-husband too. The assailant asked Morgan not to move until she heard car honks, but she never did hear them. It was just a few minutes later that Rodney made his way inside the house, looking for Morgan. He said that someone had called her name outside his window and he was concerned.

Rodney called 911 and when the police arrived their first suspicion fell on the ex-husband. It was unsettling that he had decided to check up on Morgan minutes after the attack and the police started checking the security tapes. They noticed that the intruder had taken away Morgan’s phone but the security tapes had continued recording. In the early morning of New Year’s Day, Rodney was arrested. The police had been able to find CCTV footage of him buying zip-ties and found an open packet of them at his house. His internet search history centered on techniques to choke someone, further corroborated their suspicions.

Morgan Metzer is an Interior Designer Till Today

Reflecting on the incident, Morgan later said in an interview that her husband had not acted in a moment of insanity but had been planning the attack on her for a while. She believed that since he could have her to himself, he did not want her to be with anyone else and, hence, had planned to kill her. She also said that she would never want to see him out on parole and would rather concentrate on rebuilding her life with her kids.

Morgan currently lives in Woodstock, Georgia, with her twins, Mills and Mason, who are around 12 years old. She centers her life around them, giving them all the love and care they could imagine. She sees her mirror image in her daughter, while her son is the champion in life that she needs. Morgan works as an interior designer at Shiplap and Sugar, LLC, where she excels at her job and with her clients.

In September 2021, Morgan announced that she would be creating a presence on TikTok to voice her support for domestic abuse survivors. Since then, she has posted updates about her case and has been instrumental in raising awareness about narcissistic tendencies and gaslighting techniques in relationships. She has received overwhelming support on social media, giving her a sense of community. Currently single, Morgan finds joy and fulfillment with her twins and their adorable dog, Alvin. Her story has resonated with many, and the resilience she has shown in the face of adversity is nothing short of inspiring.

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