Where Is Netflix’s Anxious People Filmed?

Originally titled ‘Folk med ångest,’ ‘Anxious People’ is a Swedish comedy series based on the novel by Fredrik Backman. It revolves around a strange incident that takes place at an open house. When a robber fails to rob a bank, he ends up locking himself in an apartment with several other strangers and takes them hostage. However, when two police officers storm the place, they find that the robber is gone.

The issue is that only the hostages know what actually happened, but their testimonies do not add up. The apartment where the robber and the others get locked up serves as the main setting of the storyline. However, the streets and a few public buildings also play a significant role in the show. If you are wondering where this series is shot, we’ve got your back!

Anxious People Filming Locations

The storyline is evidently set in a small town close to Stockholm. Neither the real estate agent and nor the potential clients have a clue that the open house will turn out to be such a bizarre experience for them. So, are you curious about where the series is filmed? Let’s dive into the details!

Södertälje, Sweden

‘Anxious People’ is filmed in the city of Södertälje in Stockholm County, Sweden. The production team primarily utilized the central part of the city, specifically the streets such as Nygatan, Badhusgatan, and Järnagatan. The chase from the bank and the media uprising sequences were also filmed in these areas. In fact, the apartment, which is the chief setting of the hostage drama, is on Järnagatan street.

Marenplan is an important area in the center of Södertälje, where the iconic theatre Oktoberteatern is situated. A number of sequences involving police officers have been lensed in the area. Only about 30 kilometers from Stockholm, Södertälje was chosen as a production location due to its proximity to the Swedish capital. In a conversation with a Swedish media outlet in November 2020, director Felix Herngren admitted that filming the show in the city was quite convenient because it was not expensive to transport the cast and crew. Moreover, the team received ample support and cooperation from the residents.

With beautiful buildings and wide roads, the show features Södertälje in all its glory. Interestingly, the houses used to mostly be constructed with wood. And the first stone building was only built as recently as the 1860s. But the City of Pretzels has seen considerable development over the years. You might find it fascinating to learn that Södertälje has hosted the production of several films. A few notable ones are the horror flick ‘The Circle’ and the sports drama film ‘Borg vs. McEnroe.’

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