Netflix’s Five Star Chef: All Filming Locations Explored

Netflix’s ‘Five Star Chef,’ alternatively titled ‘Five Star Kitchen: Britain’s Next Great Chef,’ is a cooking competition series that pits together some of Britain’s most ambitious and competent chefs competing against one another for a priceless prize — owning a restaurant in one of the country’s most historic and grandest hotels. In each episode, the chefs’ abilities and culinary skills are put to the test by the culinary legend Michel Roux Jr. and his panel of judges. The participants’ capabilities are tested through different kinds of challenges they would need to flourish in the world of Five Star dining, such as providing late-night room service, overseeing lavish banquets, and preparing high-concept fusion dishes.

The reality show is set within the walls of one of London’s working five-star hotels, where the chefs work hard to turn their dreams into reality. Given the lavish and sophisticated interiors of the hotel, not to mention, the food, it is likely to make the viewers curious to find out about the show’s filming sites.

Five Star Chef: Where Was it Filmed?

‘Five Star Chef’ is filmed in England, particularly in London. According to reports, principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the cooking show commenced in early 2022 and wrapped up around July of the same year. Now, without much ado, let’s follow the chefs as they try their best to impress the judges with their over-the-top dishes and get a detailed account of all the specific locations that feature in the Netflix series!

London, England

Many pivotal sequences for ‘Five Star Chef’ are taped across London, with the production team primarily setting up camp in the five-star hotel, The Langham, which is situated at 1C Portland Place in London. To be specific, most of the culinary action takes place inside the kitchen of the Palm Court restaurant within the luxurious hotel as the competing chefs go head-to-head against one another. Various parts of the hotel, besides the Palm Court restaurant, also feature quite regularly through each episode.

The Langham consists of various types of rooms, from single rooms to club rooms to suites, to ensure that the stay of each and every visitor is to their liking. Located on the ground floor of the hotel, the Palm Court restaurant serves traditional British Afternoon Tea along with Champagne and other selections of foods to choose from.

On the other hand, when it comes to the exterior scenes of ‘Five Star Chef,’ they are taped across London against the suitable and picturesque backdrop of the city. Thus, you might even spot some iconic landmarks and buildings in a few scenes, including the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, the Palace of Westminster, Nelson’s Column, Piccadilly Circus, and Big Ben.

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