Where is Neymar’s Mother Now?

Despite his incredible success over the past decade or so, if there’s something that Neymar Jr. has never forgotten, it’s his roots and values. After all, as explored on ‘Neymar: The Perfect Chaos,’ his family, friends, and community of Praia Grande keep him grounded no matter the situation. Thus, of course, one of the key individuals in his life has always been his warm and caring mother — the one he trusts with his entire being — Nadine Santos. So now, if you wish to know more about Neymar Jr’s mother, their relationship, and her current whereabouts, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Neymar’s Mother?

Nadine Santos, better known as Nadine Gonçalves, is someone who has supported her family, especially her two children – Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. and Rafaella Santos – through every stage of life. She is their true rock because she not only guides them in the right direction but also ensures their mental and spiritual well-being through faith, devotion, as well as perseverance. In fact, Nadine’s beliefs were seemingly the one constant for the family as they evolved from living in the slums of Southern Brazil to living it up, meaning she helped them stay settled.

As per reports, after 25 years of marriage, Nadine and Neymar Sr. parted ways in 2016, yet it appears as if that only brought her closer to her kids, who never shy away from showing off just how much she means to them. Neymar Jr. actually has a tattoo of his mother’s name on the outer part of his left wrist, encased between a heart and an infinity symbol, and a portrait of her face inked on his right bicep, right beside a picture of his sister. That in itself makes their close bond evident, but we should mention that the mother-son duo is also very protective of one another, often speaking to the media in their defense/support.

Where is Neymar’s Mother Now?

With no intention of stopping anytime soon, Neymar’s mother, Nadine Santos, continues to stand by her family and children even today. That’s part of why she serves as the President of Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr., a social organization established by the Santos’ back in late 2014 for the betterment of their community. Her biggest goal within this institution is to ensure the consistent well-being of children as well as families all around their local area.

“To congratulate you today would be too little for everything I wish you,” Nadine wrote for her athlete son on his birthday in 2020. “Because in addition to expressing my love, care, affection, and much more that I never get tired of doing,… my greatest wish [for you] today and always [is] may God’s will prevail in your life.” She added, “Happiness not only today but always… may your smile never fade, may your strength be renewed every day… may your blessings be released all the days of your life. I love you every day.”

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