Nicholette: Intervention Cast Member is Embracing Newfound Sobriety Today

A&E’s ‘Intervention‘ is a compelling television series that delves into the lives of individuals struggling with addiction. The show provides them with a unique opportunity to break free from the grips of drugs and alcohol and regain control of their lives. Central to the show’s format is the intervention process, led by a skilled professional at the request of the addict’s concerned family and friends.

Nicholette’s appearance on the fifteenth episode of the 22nd season left a lasting impression on viewers. Her remarkable journey to overcome addiction, marked by her kindness and determination, resonated with many. As fans of the show, we are all eager to learn about her progress and how she has transformed her life since her episode aired.

Nicholette’s Intervention Journey

Nicholette’s story begins in the city of London in the Canadian province of Ontario, where she grew up in a loving family alongside her parents and her sister, Desereé. Her family remembers her as a kind and intelligent young girl, and her early childhood was fairly typical. However, when she turned 13, her life took a significant turn when her mother, Karen, revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, marking the start of a challenging period for Nicholette and her family.

Nicholette’s family had to endure further struggles when her father, Bernie, who had a long-standing issue with alcohol, was perceived as absent and unsupportive during her mother’s battle with cancer. Their strained relationship ultimately led to their divorce when Nicholette was just 15. Despite excelling academically as a Grade A student, she began to spend more time with friends and became immersed in a partying and drinking lifestyle. When she was 17, her situation took a concerning turn as she disappeared and was eventually found by her mother after an extensive search trailing behind a group of older individuals on the side of the road. She appeared disheveled and refused to return home.

Nicholette returned home approximately a week and a half after her disappearance, but she was not the same. She began hearing voices in her head, a troubling symptom of psychosis. As a result, she was admitted to the hospital and stayed there for three months to safeguard her from self-harm and provide her with appropriate care. After her hospitalization, she moved back in with her mother and took steps toward a more stable life by enrolling in a hairdressing school. It seemed like her life had taken a positive turn.

Nicholette’s return to her previous partying lifestyle was a setback, and she entered into a relationship with a man, eventually moving in with him. Unfortunately, he influenced her to stop taking her medication for psychosis and introduced her to even more potent drugs like meth and cocaine. By 2018, 25-year-old Nicholette had sought refuge with her father, who provided her with a trailer to live in. However, Bernie was struggling with his issues and was accused by the family of enabling Nicholette’s destructive behavior. They reached a breaking point when Bernie’s girlfriend, Anne, insisted that he stop enabling his daughter, who was doing up to 3 grams of cocaine every day, and the family decided to stage an intervention.

Under the guidance of Maureen Brine, a professional interventionist, Nicholette’s family gathered to express their love and concern for her. They emphasized that they cared deeply about her well-being and her father said that he would not be able to financially support her if she continued down this path. She readily accepted their offer of assistance. Although Maureen offered help to Bernie as well, he declined the intervention. However, he did decide to quit drinking that day. Both father and daughter embarked on their respective paths to recovery.

Where is Nicholette Now?

Following her 3-month stay in Cedars Cobble Hill in 2018, Nicholette successfully reunited with her family, appearing much healthier and happier. Her family noticed a significant positive change in her, and they believed she was rediscovering her true self. Healthcare professionals informed them that her psychosis had been a result of her drug use, and with her newfound sobriety, it had completely resolved. Bernie, her father, also sought help from a different treatment center in St. Thomas.

According to the last update in 2021, Nicholette had not returned to London, Ontario. From what we can tell, she and Bernie have maintained their sobriety since January 2018. Her genuine and kind personality, combined with her determination to recover, bodes well for her continued progress on the path to a healthier and happier life. With a fresh start and the support of her family, we hope Nicholette has been able to rebuild her life and fully enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer.

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