Where Is Olicia Lee Now?

When an out-going man, known for being a devoted father, is murdered in cold blood, it leaves his family shocked and looking for answers for his horrific death. The murder of Paul Shealey has been adopted by Investigation Discovery in its documentary-style true crime show, ‘Fatal Affection.’ Each episode of this show focuses on crimes committed due to bad relationships or harmful infatuations.

The episode titled ‘An Unlikely Mastermind’ takes the audience through the events that led to Paul Shealey’s murder by his then-girlfriend, Olicia Lee. The case baffled everyone due to its unsuccessful primary investigation, following which the case was marked cold. A sudden statement from a witness some months later resulted in the reopening of the case. We were curious to know what happened to Olicia Lee after she was discovered to be the murderer. Here’s what we found.

Who Is Olicia Lee?

In 1998, when Paul Shealey was dropping off one of his several kids at daycare, he met Olicia “Lisa” Lee. She was also a Jacksonville native, just like Paul, and was a single mother with three young kids. The two started a romantic affair soon, which progressed quickly, and they started living together that summer. From an external perspective, the relationship appeared to be perfect, that was until the winter of 2001.

According to Lee’s statements, on the morning of February 25, 2001, Shealey came home after a whole night of clubbing right when Lee was prepping the children for church. Shealey got into bed intending to catch up on the sleep he had missed last night, while Lee fed her kids and told them to wait in front of the house. She then wrapped a potato around one of Shealey’s revolvers and shot him, fatally, in the head.

After this, Lee took her kids to the church and later dropped them off at her aunt’s house. She came back and called some of her friends to assist her in disposing of the body. Her friend, Danielle “Deucy” Reddick, arrived at the house with three other people to find the bloody body of Shealey on the bed. The group then threw the body in a creek in Yulee, Florida. Shealey’s body was seen floating a few days later, on February 28, by a fisherman.

The cause of death was noted to be a fatal gunshot in the head, which had been fired from either a .38 or .380 caliber weapon. When first interrogated by the police about Shealey, Lee claimed to not have seen him since February 25 after he left for a business trip. In April 2003, a search warrant obtained by the authorities granted them permission to search Lee’s home.

There, they found an abundance of blood on the wall and floor of the bedroom, with the help of luminol. Lee was arrested and brought in for questioning. When her reading glasses matched the description of the glasses found in the area where Shealey’s body was found, the detectives shot down her claims of denial. Lee confessed to the crime eventually.

Where Is Olicia Lee Now?

Aisha James was seven months pregnant with Paul Sealey’s child at the time of his death. She told the investigators that they had been dating for over a year. She reportedly told the investigators that she had spoken to Lee once when she had called Shealey on his phone. After telling her who she was, James was cussed at by Lee and was told not to call the phone again. Reddick, Lee’s friend who had helped to dump Shealey’s body, said that Lee had asked him to kill Shealey.

Lee was arrested on charges of first-degree murder. In March 2006, she pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Her co-conspirators, too, took plea deals and received sentences that varied between three to five years.  She will be released from prison in 2033. Presently, she is at the Florida Department of Corrections in Tallahassee, according to reports.

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