Where is Patricia Tito Now?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women: Fatal Instincts: What’s Mine Is Mine and What’s Yours Is Mine’ features Patricia Tito’s story as one of the two cases featured in the episode. In August 2003, Patricia’s rage-motivated attack on Judie Winn led to the latter’s death. The show delves into the reasons behind Patricia’s anger and what happened to her after her arrest. So, if you’re curious to find out more, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Patricia Tito?

Patricia Tito lived in Caddo Parish, Louisiana, and was a regular fixture at the local bars. As per the show, she used her charm and sexuality to get what she wanted and had men paying for her needs. At some point, she met Chris Shufflin, a wealthy man who seemed to be exactly what she was looking for; someone who would give her money when she wanted. Patricia regularly received checks from Chris ranging from a couple of hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars.

The relationship continued for a year until Chris had a stroke and was hospitalized. With this, he couldn’t afford to keep paying for Patricia’s lifestyle, and because of that, she broke up with him. However, Patricia tried going back to Chris as soon as she ran out of money but soon learned that he was in a relationship with 59-year-old Judie Winn at the time. She worked as a secretary for an oil company and lived in Shreveport, Louisiana. Patricia’s anger took control soon after that.

As per the show, Patricia once vandalized Judie’s car by throwing paint all over it. Then, on August 31, 2003, she left several angry, profanity-laden, and threatening messages on Judie’s home phone and Chris’ cellphone. One such message was, “You just better sleep with one mother f—— eye open.” Another was, “Let me tell you something, partner: I get ahold of Judie Winn, ain’t nobody on God’s green earth … going to be able to make her f—— recognizable.”

Chris called the police about it, but it was all over before they had any time to act. On August 31, Judie was at home with Chris and some family. She was in the kitchen washing dishes when she was shot through the kitchen window. Patricia stood on the patio and fired once, hitting Judie in the chest and killing her. Given Patricia’s history with Chris and the threatening messages, she was arrested soon after. Then 39-years-old, she was charged with murder.

Where is Patricia Tito Now?

Before Judie Winn died, she identified her killer, telling Chris, “Tricia Tito shot me.” Eventually, Patricia admitted to killing Judie and pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of manslaughter, avoiding a life sentence if convicted of second-degree murder. In March 2007, Patricia Tito was sentenced to 40 years in prison and would be eligible for parole only after serving 34 years. From what we can tell, Patricia seems to be serving her sentence at a correctional facility in Louisiana.

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