Where Is Perdida Filmed?

‘Perdida’ is a Spanish crime drama series that follows a father, Antonio Santos (Daniel Grao), who goes to extreme lengths to find his daughter, Soledad (Veronica Velasquez, who mysteriously went missing while the family was in Valencia, Spain. She was just five-years-old. It has been 10 years since the tragic incident. Desperate to get some information regarding his daughter’s whereabouts, Antonio gets arrested on purpose at the airport in Bogota, Colombia, by “smuggling” cocaine.

The father believes that someone in a Bogota prison has the information that he needs. Also known as ‘Stolen Away,’ the Spanish title ‘Perdida’ translates to ‘lost.’ Directed by Inaki Penafiel, David Ulloa, and Rafa Montesinos, the series was well-received by the viewers in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America, making it one of the most-watched TV series on Netflix. Let’s quickly go through the places where it has been filmed!

 Perdida Filming Location

The story of Perdida starts in Valencia, where Soledad Santos goes missing at a beach. From there, the plot moves to Bogota, Colombia, where Antonio Santos gets himself arrested to go to prison on a mission. The series predominantly follows Antonio’s story as he steps over to the dark side. Here are the specific shooting details!


Madrid-based Atresmedia and Big Bang Media (a company of The Mediapro Studio) are responsible for the production of this series. Although the headquarters of The Mediapro Studio is in Barcelona, they have a branch office in Madrid. Jesus Haro, the director of photography, shared a post on Instagram, where the team is giving the final touches during post-production in The Mediapro Studio at Chamberi, Madrid.

Picture Courtesy: Jesus Haro/Instagram

The beach where Soledad goes missing is in Valencia. It used to be an industrial city before the administration worked on some of its landmarks and revamped Valenica’s image as a coastal tourist city. Some of the famous beaches in Valencia are La Malvarrosa, El Saler, Sagunto, and Port Saplaya.


We believe that the airport scene was filmed at El Dorado International Airport. It is the most important and also the busiest airport in Colombia as it serves Bogota and its surrounding regions. The prison sequences were filmed in the Fontibon locality, which used to be an “associate town” before it merged into Bogota. Here is another post by Jesus Haro, after the crew wrapped up the filming!

Picture Courtesy: Jesus Haro/Instagram

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