Where is Rebecca Downey’s Friend Daphney Frederique Now?

Image Credit: North American Partners in Anesthesia/Facebook

In the first half of Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries: Abducted by a Parent,’ the viewers learn about Amina and Belel Kandil. The siblings were 10 and 8 years of age when they suddenly disappeared in August 2014 after going on a trip with their father, Ahmed Kandil. In the time that followed, their mother, Rebecca Downey, has relentlessly pushed for answers regarding their whereabouts. The show also had Daphney Frederique, a friend of Rebecca’s, provide an insight into Rebecca and Ahmed’s relationship. So, let’s find out more about her then, shall we?

Where is Daphney Frederique Today?

Daphney Frederique first met Rebecca Downey when they were both doing their residency at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts. They became good friends, and Daphney eventually followed Rebecca to Virginia. On the show, she recalled that Ahmed had a welcoming presence and seemed like a loving father to Amina and Belel. However, that wasn’t the case over time. Daphney remembered how Ahmed lost his job sometime in 2008; at the time, she felt that he didn’t make an effort to find another job.

Image Credit: Daphney Frederique/Facebook

Over the next few years, Rebecca noticed a lot of change in Ahmed, eventually leading to their separation in June 2013. Despite previously agreeing on how they shared custody, Daphney stated that Ahmed made it difficult for Rebecca to see Amina and Belel. Towards the end of August 2014, Ahmed picked up the kids from Rebecca’s house, telling her they would be going to Toronto, Canada, for a short trip and return on September 1. However, Rebecca couldn’t contact the kids in the days that followed and had no clue what had happened.

After learning that they didn’t turn up at school on September 2, Rebecca asked for Daphney’s help. As per the show, Daphney drove to Ahmed’s house and quickly realized something was amiss. There were no cars parked outside, and the windows were blocked. When Daphney looked through the glass backdoor, she noticed the house was empty. Soon, the authorities got involved and learned that Ahmed and the kids had flown out of New York on August 30, 2014, to Ukraine and then to Turkey.

In the years that followed, the authorities have continued to chase leads but haven’t been close to finding the kids’ whereabouts. On the show, Daphney mentioned that Ahmed possibly banned the kids from using the internet or lied to them about Rebecca, allegedly saying the kids that she was dead. She has been a supportive friend and has helped raise awareness about the case online.

From what we can tell, Daphney lives in Virginia. She went to Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts before her residency. Daphney is an Anesthesiologist in Critical Care Medicine and Internal Medicine. Currently, she is affiliated with Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital and Riverside Regional Medical Center in Onancock, Virginia. On the personal front, Daphney has traveled extensively in her days of youth. She seems to be a nature lover and enjoys spending time with her nephews in her downtime.

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