Hugo Papin aka Coelho: Rhythm + Flow France Runner Up is Making Music Today

Popular French rappers Niska, Shay, and SCH attempt to discover France’s next big hip-hop star through Netflix’s ‘Rhythm+Flow: France.’ While the show attracts talents from all corners of the country, the judges narrow the list down to the top fifteen who fight it out against each other in Paris. Eventually, after several rounds of elimination, the judges decide on the winner and reward them with a massive 100000 euro cash prize.

While season 1 of ”Rhythm+Flow: France’ introduced us to several aspiring artists, Coelho stood out for his incredible lyrics and excellent technique. However, with the cameras now turned away, fans are eager to find out where Coelho is at present.

Who is Coelho?

Hugo Papin, better known by his stage name, Coelho, is an up-and-coming rapper from the French city of Nantes. Interestingly, once Coelho’s acquaintances encouraged him to enter the music industry, he took inspiration from his brother, BeDar, who is pretty popular as a rapper and music producer. In fact, BeDar was the one who produced Coelho’s first EP in 2017 and helped put him on the map. Around the time Coelho started working on his music career, he came across the book ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. Incidentally, the book soon became a massive source of inspiration for the young rapper, and he even chose to adopt the stage name “Coelho,” as a tribute to the author.

While on the show, Coelho mentioned that he had been rapping for over ten years but was waiting for someone to discover him. Hence, when he heard about the auditions for ‘Rhythm+Flow: France’ season 2, he grabbed the opportunity with both hands and delivered a remarkable performance. The judges were left seriously impressed after his audition, and it did not take them much time to rank Coelho in the top fifteen.

Once in Paris, Coelho worked harder than ever in order to take his music to the next level. He also showed an incredible ability to adapt and was ready to take on all genres of music, even if it was outside his comfort zone. However, as the judges studied his performances, they realized that he lacked quite a bit of stage presence. On top of it, Coelho found it challenging to connect with the audience and control the crowd. Still, he somehow managed to put his best foot forward and booked a spot in the finals before getting eliminated in second place.

Where is Coelho Now?

Once filming for ‘Rhythm+Flow: France’ season 2 wrapped, Coelho returned to his native city of Nantes and is currently busy taking his music career to further heights. Although he failed to secure the 100000 euro cash prize, the show gave him a much-deserved spotlight, which made his popularity skyrocket. Hence, apart from being managed by Merkus357, Coelho is now signed to Mezoued Records, and his new single has been received quite positively. Moreover, in a bid to promote his music, Coelho created and hosts his own radio show, MAYR Society.

We are happy to report that during Coelho’s time on the show, he made quite a few friends and connections with whom he stayed in touch after filming ended. Moreover, even though he initially earned a living by performing in various venues in and around Nantes, he now has plans to step outside his hometown and even has an upcoming concert in Paris. It truly is lovely to witness Coelho’s success, and we wish him the best for the years to come.

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