YuzBoy: Where Is Rhythm + Flow France Winner Now?

Netflix’s ‘Rhythm+Flow: France’ is a competitive music reality show documenting the hunt for France’s next hip-hop star. Led by famous rappers Niska, Shay, and SCH, the show brings in talents from all corners of the country before selecting the top fifteen for a face-off in Paris. Subsequently, a few artists get eliminated each round until the last man standing is crowned the winner and awarded 100000 euros in cash.

Season 2 of ‘Rhythm+Flow: France’ introduced us to YuzBoy, an up-and-coming talent who subscribes to the New School of Hip Hop. Moreover, YuzBoy refused to switch styles throughout the show and brought something unique to each track.

Who is YuzBoy?

Interestingly, YuzBoy, aka Youssouf Keita or Vieux Père, refuses to call himself a rapper, instead describing him as an artist who loves all genres of music, be it blues, rock, reggae, classical, or hip hop. He also mentioned how every track he listened to from childhood shaped him into the artist he is today. Readers will be surprised to know that YuzBoy was a professional soccer player before deciding to take up rap as a career. However, even though his father convinced him to join a soccer club, YuzBoy mentioned that the sport helped him gain confidence and strength, contributing massively to his success in the music industry.

Growing up in Paris, YuzBoy’s life wasn’t always easy. However, he was ready to face the challenges face-to-face and always had music to fall back on. During his ‘Rhythm+Flow: France’ audition, YuzBoy came up against LPee and a few other rappers from Paris. Still, he did not take long to impress the judges, as they were in awe of his technicality, flow, and lyrics. Once invited to Paris as a part of the top 15, YuzBoy put everything into his music and came up with one incredible performance after the other.

While YuzBoy was the clear winner in the group and rap battle rounds, YuzBoy kept up with the competition through his expertly shot music video. Unfortunately, his performance fell short in the semi-finals when he had to use autotune for a specific track. However, his flow remained impeccable despite that, and the judges had to put him in the final. YuzBoy was determined to stay errorless this time and perform incredibly well before being crowned the winner.

YuzBoy is Focusing on His Career Today

YuzBoy is currently based out of Paris, France, and is steadily furthering his career in the music industry. Apart from being a rapper, he even describes himself as an artist and states how he strives to make complete narratives come alive through his tracks. Besides, we are glad to report that other than performing in various venues around Paris, YuzBoy is also set to embark on a tour of France. Additionally, the up-and-coming rapper has also built a significant fan following online, as he has a popular YouTube channel, more than 70 thousand followers on Instagram, and more than 160,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Shockingly, shortly after Netflix aired the final episode of ‘Rhythm+Flow: France,’ sources reported that YuzBoy had a rape complaint filed against him in August 2022. However, both Netflix and the rapper’s lawyer insisted that they knew nothing about the incident but hoped for a swift investigation. Hence, at this moment, the courts are yet to pass judgment, and nothing has been confirmed.

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