Where Is Richard McCann Now?

Long after Jack, the Ripper’s reign of terror had ended in London, England, a new serial killer took to the streets of West Yorkshire and Manchester to terrorize the women in the area. Dubbed to be the Yorkshire Ripper, between 1975 and 1980, Peter Sutcliffe took the lives of a total of 13 women and is said to have attempted to kill at least seven more. And as Netflix’s ‘The Ripper’ re-examines his actions, we are told the stories of his victims from those closest to them. This, of course, includes Richard McCann – the son of Yorkshire Ripper’s first victim.

Who Is Richard McCann?

Richard McCann is the son of Wilma McCann, the first woman to lose her life at the hands of Peter Sutcliffe back in 1975. In the early hours of October 30 that year, Richard, whose 6th birthday was just a week away, was woken up by his sister as she was worried that their mother hadn’t come back home. Together, the two of them went outside in the district of Chapeltown, Leeds, to search for Wilma, only to come up emptyhanded and return home. And soon after, a few officers knocked on their door, giving Wilma’s four children some attention and affection before letting them know that their single mother had gone to heaven, never to return.

Richard, along with his siblings, was then made to pack up his belongings and was sent to a children’s home in Leeds. At first, Richard was loving his new surroundings and the care he was receiving, but once he realized the real reason behind it, his whole world turned upside down. He grew up in poverty, dropped out of high school, and in his own words, “stumbled from one mistake to another.” Richard thought joining the army would help him, but once he saw a picture of Peter Sutcliffe, he exploded, threatening his colleagues and eventually getting discharged on psychological grounds. From there, he turned to drugs and landed in prison for a while.

Where Is Richard McCann Now?

Once Richard got out of prison, he and his elder sister, after learning that their childhood home was about to be repossessed, made a suicide pact. But at rock bottom, he somehow found a way to see the light again and decided that he’d make something out of himself. In 2004, Richard wrote and published a book entitled ‘Just a Boy: The True Story of a Stolen Childhood,’ where he detailed everything that happened to him. Then, upon seeing the love he was receiving for it, Richard, for the first time in his life, felt like he had a purpose – a purpose to help those like him.

Consequently, in 2009 Richard founded the iCan Academy, a company that aims to assist and support individuals, groups, and businesses in improving their confidence and communication skills. Today, still residing in Leeds, Richard is an adept trainer and a professional motivational speaker who has delivered nearly 3000 presentations around the world. His iCan philosophy has transformed his very being for the better, and now, he’s hoping it will improve others’ as well. We also have to mention that Richard is happily married and is the father of four adorable children. From the looks of it, Richard McCann has moved on from his past to the best of his abilities.

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