Where is Roadkill Garage Filmed?

‘Roadkill Garage’ is a spinoff of the highly popular online show ‘Roadkill’ and airs on the online automotive channel Motor Trend on Demand. The show is hosted by Hot Rod Magazine’s editor-in-chief David Freiburger and Steve Dulcich, who also features on Motor Trend’s ‘Engine Masters.’ If you’ve seen the show, you’ve probably noticed that these guys seem to be driving their resurrected automotive beasts in the middle of nowhere! Are you curious to know where the show is filmed? We’ve got you covered!

Roadkill Garage Filming Locations

‘Roadkill Garage’ takes place in a garage and attached junkyard on Steve Dulcich’s sprawling farm. The junkyard and the farm it is based out of is located in California. Like its predecessor, ‘Roadkill Garage’ is filmed with a very basic film crew and is mostly unscripted. The hosts, along with their friends (and Dulcich’s farm dogs, who feature regularly), generally start the episode by picking out a car from the junkyard and proceed to fix it up and take it for a spin.

The opening episode of ‘Roadkill Garage’ premiered on March 4, 2016, and was the first and only episode released on YouTube, which can be streamed for free. All future episodes of the show are available on the Motor Trend On Demand streaming platform.

Tulare County, California

‘Roadkill Garage’ takes place on Steve Dulcich’s farm in Earlimart, Tulare County in Southern California. The farm is located at 5517 Road 148, Earlimart, and contains the junkyard and garage that serve as the backdrop of the show. The wide-open surrounding farm areas and straight roads prove to be the perfect playground for the tinkering duo to test their handiwork and see how effectively they have brought old cars back to life.

The farm itself has an interesting history and is the Dulcich family farm that was originally obtained by Steve’s grandfather John before World War II. The rest of the family, including Steve’s father George, immigrated in 1947 and joined John on the farm in Earlimart.

The Dulcich farm, like many others in the area, produces tabletop grapes. The region is known for its agricultural produce, especially its grapes, and is often touted as the world’s most productive region.

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