Where Is Rob Rich Now?

Amazon Prime’s documentary ‘Time,’ directed by Garrett Bradley, had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 25, 2020. Because of the high praise it received from everyone, in February, Amazon Studios acquired the distribution rights to this heartbreaking yet truly inspiring film. Following Sibil Fox Richardson (also known as Fox Rich), as she fights for the release of her husband, Rob, serving a 60-year prison sentence for armed bank robbery, it details the couple’s struggles, their family life, and how Fox kept a strong head for over two decades to succeed in what she had set her mind to. Curious to know where Rob is now? Here’s what we know.

Who Is Rob Rich?

Rob Rich, or Robert G. Richardson, from Shreveport, Louisiana, met his loving wife Fox when they were in high school. At the onset of their union, they desired the American Dream – to be successful and rich, creating a great and stable life for their family. However, after just six months of their marriage being made official, their life turned upside down. A failed business venture made them desperate for money, which pushed them to commit a bank robbery, for which they were immediately caught. Rob, along with his co-participants, took full responsibility for their actions, and he, in particular, settled on a plea deal of 10 to 18 years, pending a pre-sentencing investigation. But as a new attorney came into play, everything changed yet again. They tried to get Rob a lesser plea deal, but they eventually ended up dropping the case, forcing him to face trial.

Unfortunately, as Rob’s trial came to an end, and he was found guilty of the charges against him, he was sentenced to a drastic 61 years in prison without the possibility of parole. This came even after it was made clear that he had no previous criminal records and had only stolen $5,000. Thankfully, though, his wife, Fox, who herself was sentenced to three and a half years, began campaigning for his release soon after she gained back her freedom in 2002. For the next few years, the couple only saw each other for four hours a month, but even with that, the love that they had for each other and their family, which now includes their six boys, prevailed. And in the end, in September of 2018, Rob Rich was released from behind bars, 90 days after having been granted clemency by Governor John Bel Edwards. He had spent 21 years in Angola prison.

Where Is Rob Rich Now?

Now residing in New Orleans, Louisiana, with his wife and children, Rob Rich has made a good life for himself. The patriarch of the Richardson family graduated from The New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry in 2019, following which he has pursued a career as a counselor, social mentor, and life skills coach. In fact, according to the FoxandRob website, Rob is the life skills coach to quite a few notable NFL players, which means a lot, considering the brutal sentence he served.

This clearly shows that instead of being down about his past and the years that he missed with his family, Rob has decided to dedicate his time to change the world, and its people, for the better. With his wife, he is now an advocate for family, love, justice, and support to convicted felons. Together, they aim to raise awareness about the Louisiana justice system – the harshest in the world – and also provide a safe space for families suffering from the hardships related to incarceration. Fox and Rob have a merchandise line as well, which always promotes a positive message.

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