Where Is Robert Wagner Now?

In the recent wake of the documentary film, ‘Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind, ’ we are transported back in time to re-live the personal and public life of Natalie Wood. Those who were close to the actress come forward to narrate their encounters and experiences with Wood.

As all of this happens, the documentary cannot help but fall back on the mysterious circumstances around the actress’s death. The initial report of her death was dismissed as an accident wherein she drowned to death. However, an investigation that followed several years later holds Robert Wagner as a suspect to what could be a possible murder.

Who Is Robert Wagner?

Robert Wagner was born in Michigan, in the year 1930. His entry into the world of cinema wasn’t as eventful as one would hope. He made his debut in ‘The Happy Years.’ However, he worked his way up and gained notable attention in ‘With a Song in my Heart’ in 1952. In the subsequent years after that, he starred in various movies like ‘Beneath the 12-Mile Reef’, ‘Broken Lance’ and ‘Winning.’ He has also acted in several TV series, like ‘Hart to Hart’.

The actor married Natalie Wood in 1957. The couple, however, divorced after four years. Wagner has also had several relationships before his marriage with Wood. Post his divorce; he married Marion Marshall. The two have a daughter together named Katie. Marshall and Wagner got divorced in 1971. It was after this that he re-married Wood. The two then had a daughter named Courtney. After the death of Wood, he later married Jill St.John. He remained the legal guardian of Wood’s daughter from her second marriage, Natasha. Wagner has had a successful acting career post-2000 as well, predominantly in TV series. In 2018, he was labeled as a suspect in the re-investigation of his former wife’s death.

Wagner has also come under various kinds of speculations concerning his involvement in the death of Natalie Wood. Wood’s sister claims that Wagner was romantically involved with a man, and Wood knew about it. The bruises found on the body of Natalie Wood raised some red flags regarding the circumstances of her death. In addition, the couple had an intense argument the day before Wood was found dead. The captain of their boat, too, said the same and stated that he suspected Wagner was behind the death of Natalie Wood.

Where Is Robert Wagner Now?

Robert Wagner celebrated his 90th birthday with his family this year. He has a website to his name in which there are many details and updates regarding his life.

Photo Credit: Robert-wagner.com

It also showcases several books written by him with Scott Eyman like, ‘Pieces of My Heart’ and ‘I Loved Her in the Movies: Memories of Hollywood’s Legendary Actresses.’ The actor is quite vocal about his life and experiences.

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He is still beloved by his fans, who consider him an icon in Hollywood. His recent appearance in the documentary, ‘Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind,’ has gripped the attention of the mass as he is interviewed by his step-daughter Natasha Gregson Wagner. Although he admits to the argument with Wood, he states that he is innocent. In the documentary, he says: “I don’t think there is a day that has ever gone by that I haven’t thought of Natalie.’

He is still with his wife, Jill St. John, and is now a proud grandfather to his children’s kids. In the wake of the allegations concerning his involvement, he never commented on any of them till this documentary. 

The mystery still looms around the death of his former wife, while many in her family maintain the view that she wouldn’t have done it on her own accord as she was terrified of water and didn’t even know how to swim.

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