Where is Brittany Murphy’s Mom Sharon Murphy Now?

HBO Max’s ‘What Happened, Brittany Murphy?’ is a docuseries that explores the life of talented actress Brittany Murphy. She garnered immense fame after starring in movies like ‘Clueless’ and ‘Girl, Interrupted.’ However, Brittany’s accidental death at the age of 32 was difficult news to take for many. Her mother, Sharon Murphy, was her biggest supporter and a source of strength. So, if you’re wondering where she might be now, here’s what we know!

Who is Sharon Murphy?

Brittany Murphy was Sharon Murphy and Angelo Bertolotti’s daughter, born in November 1977. Sharon and Angelo divorced not too long after her birth. It was Sharon who primarily raised her daughter in New Jersey. They soon moved to Los Angeles, California, so that Brittany could pursue her dream of acting. Sharon later talked about how they were always together and were there for each other. She was diagnosed with cancer twice, with Brittany taking care of her through it all.

In a tragic turn of events, Sharon discovered her daughter unresponsive on the bathroom floor of their home on December 20, 2009. At the time, Sharon lived with Brittany and her son-in-law, Simon Monjack. The young actress was pronounced dead at a local hospital at around 10 am. The cause of death was pneumonia, anemia, and drug intoxication. The coroner stated that the drugs found in her system were legal and that she was possibly trying to treat the symptoms of a respiratory infection.

About five months later, Sharon found Simon dead of a similar cause in the home they continued to live in once Brittany died. There were reports of black mold being considered the possible cause of death for both, but the authorities put rest to those rumors. Sharon also dismissed the claims, saying, “It’s absurd that this kind of misinformation is being reported by the media.”

Where is Sharon Murphy Now?

In the years after Brittany’s death, Sharon stayed under the radar for the most part. But in 2012, Angelo filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles Coroner’s Office and the Los Angeles Police Department, asking for a toxicology test on Brittany’s hair sample because he believed the cause of death was incorrect. A toxicology test commissioned by him suggested heavy metal poisoning. The suit, though, was dismissed a few months later.

In response, Sharon wrote an open letter rubbishing his claims. She said, “Angelo Bertolotti has relocated to California in his old age to claim he is here for Brittany, as he never was in life. He has made outrageous statements over the past few years, culminating in this latest madness: that my darling daughter was murdered. His claims are based on the most flimsy of evidence and are more of an insult than an insight into what really happened.” Since then, Sharon has maintained a low profile, and information regarding her current whereabouts seems to be scarce.

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