Where is Sheena Cuthill Now?

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Investigation Discovery’s ‘See No Evil: Meet Me at Midnight’ chronicles the case of Ryan Lane’s disappearance. He was last seen meeting an unknown man at a local parking lot in Calgary, Canada. A few months after his disappearance, Ryan’s burned remains were found in a remote location in Alberta, Canada, leading to a grim end to the investigation.

Investigation revealed that ongoing custody issues regarding his daughter Jordan with his ex-partner Sheena Cuthill ultimately led to his death. Sheena was later convicted for Ryan’s murder. Curious to know what exactly happened and where she is now? We’ve got you covered.

Who is Sheena Cuthill?

Sheena Cuthill met Ryan Lane through her brother in 2006, after which they had started dating. Together they had a daughter named Jordan, who was born in 2007. However, the relationship did not last long since they broke up shortly after Jordan’s birth. While Ryan started to live with his father, Sheena moved on and married another man, Tim Rempel. Sometime in 2011, Sheena had filed for Jordan’s sole custody. Things seemed to have taken a turn for the better when Ryan was allowed to see his daughter after about 2 years on February 6, 2012.

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Ryan met Jordan and Sheena at a Chuck E. Cheese in northeast Calgary during the afternoon. A truly happy day for Ryan would later turn out to be deadly when he got a call from an unknown number later that day. Sometime in the night, Ryan went out to meet a stranger who called and asked to meet him regarding Jordan’s custody. It was the last time he was ever seen. Ryan’s father, Bruce, who followed his son, saw him get into a red pickup truck with an unidentified man. Bruce reported Ryan missing sometime after midnight when he couldn’t reach him.

As the investigation went on, police discovered that the call was made to Ryan from a payphone at a local gas station and, through security footage, noticed the red pickup truck and another car entering the gas station at around the same time the call was made to Ryan. One of the cars was later traced to Sheena Cuthill. It was later revealed that her husband, Tim Rempel, was driving the car at the time. Tim’s brother, Will Rempel, drove a red pickup truck. While both of them denied meeting Ryan, the investigation said otherwise. Sheena and Tim’s phone records showed that they had discussed getting rid of Ryan as early as November 2011.

The police started searching a remote location in Beiseker, Canada, after noting that both Tim and Will’s phones pinged from around that area on the night of Ryan’s disappearance. The location was not too far from Tim and Sheena’s home. A few months after Ryan’s disappearance, his charred remains were found in a burn barrel at a gravel pit along with his class ring. This was a place where both Tim and Will had worked before. There were text messages exchanged between Sheena and Tim around the time of Ryan’s disappearance, where Tim told Sheena that he found a “spot” at the pit.

Another conversation between Sheena and her mother showed Sheena asking if her mother had ever made people disappear in the past. Sheena, Tim, and Will were arrested in November 2012 and charged with kidnapping and first-degree murder. Blood found in both the cars matched with Ryan’s, linking the brothers to the crime. In addition, the text messages and surveillance footage made for a strong case against the trio. It was Tim who called Ryan from the payphone that night and Will who picked him up from the parking lot.

Where is Sheena Cuthill Now?

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In April 2016, Sheena, along with Tim and Will, was found guilty of first-degree murder. They were sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years. During the trial, Sheena testified that she wanted Tim and Will to talk to Ryan regarding the custody dispute and hoped that Ryan would give in. But she stated that killing Ryan was not her idea.  Sheena denied knowing what Tim and Will were going to do and said she was not made privy to the plan. From what we can tell, Sheena Cuthill is serving out her sentence at a correctional facility in Alberta.

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