Sing On: Filming Location of the Netflix Show

Contestants can try their vocal chops in ‘Sing On!,’ Netflix’s karaoke show. Different variants of the series are already available—from Spain and Germany. The premise is straightforward. Performers need to be familiar with the song lyrics to match the vocal performance. They’re judged partly on their talent, and the rest is based on audience preferences.

There’s a vocal analyzer that sees how the contestants match with the original song. However, the results are kept from them, and the elimination process depends on the audience. Apart from the grand prize, smaller cash prizes will be won along the way. Overall, it is an entertaining contest, and all of it plays out in one location. Curious to know where ‘Sing On!’ has been filmed? We have got you covered in that regard.

Sing On: Where Was it Shot?

Sing On has been filmed at Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire. The studio is famous for being home to numerous films, shows, pop promos, and commercials. Pinewood Studios in Iver Heath in Buckinghamshire serves as the perfect location for a show like ‘Sign On!’ because the sound stages are ideal for recording.

Most of the post-production work can take place there as well. As a long-established and reputable establishment, Pinewood Studios has a team of talented professionals in the employee roster, who can assist in projects being filmed there. For nearly eighty years, Pinewood Studios has maintained a stellar reputation and grown into a global brand, which is why a show like ‘Sing On!’ would naturally head there for the shooting.

The television studios in the facility deserve special mention. They have been home to some very popular productions and offer facilities to suit every purpose of the shoot. The Pinewood television studios support light entertainment, quiz shows, sitcoms, and pilots. A special attraction is its ability to handle live broadcasting as well as performances that have a large audience turnout. For a series like ‘Sing On!,’ the latter becomes rather crucial since the audience participation is elemental to the show’s structure.

Apart from technical and post-production support, Pinewood also offers flexible studios and creative workshop space – all of which contribute to an effortless production procedure. Thus, ‘Sing On!’ seems to have made an excellent choice in picking Pinewood out as the filming spot. The eight-episode series makes fantastic use of the location and facilities to deliver a memorable experience.

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