Where is Stephen Trantel Now?

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To Jeanne Trantel, her husband, Stephen, was a successful Wall Street trader clerk who handled thousands of dollars every day. Every morning Stephen Trantel would go out to work in a suit, and Jeanne believed that her husband’s success was raking in money for the family. ‘Love Honor Betray: The Unusual Suspect’ chronicles Stephen’s life and shows how a sudden and devastating phone call turned Jeanne’s life on its head. Let’s dig in deep and find out where Stephen Trantel is at present, shall we?

Who Is Stephen Trantel?

Stephen was an extremely successful Wall Street Trader Clerk who made his fortune on the trading floor. In the early 1990s, while business was in full swing, Stephen met his wife, Jeanne, at a bar, and the two were immediately attracted to each other. Jeanne was quite happy at finding someone successful and looked forward to settling down in a happy married life. Once married, life was wonderful for the couple, and the family was never in want.

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The couple gave birth to two sons, and Stephen’s professional life was also on the rise as he and Jeanne stepped into the new millennium. However, once 2003 came around, things took a turn for the worst. According to reports, Stephen bet his money on the future of crude oil and incurred heavy losses, which further led to him losing his place in Wall Street. He tried several methods to get his money back, getting more and more desperate each time, but to no avail.

Unemployed and without money, Stephen was at a loss and had no idea what to do. However, he refused to inform his wife about his predicament and instead went about as if nothing had happened. Every morning he would put on his suit and pretend to go to work. On the other hand, Jeanne did notice something wrong with her husband. She saw that his health was on the decline. Stephen was also losing weight, looking unkempt, and had developed a short temper. However, she suspected nothing until a phone call in November 2003 opened her eyes, and a detective informed her that Stephen was arrested for a series of bank robberies.

According to reports, Stephen had devised an effective plan wherein he would target banks with no security guards and park his vehicle a small distance away. Stephen would then put on a disguise, walk into the bank and hand the teller a note, which according to the show, said, “Hey, I have a gun. No funny games. No alarm.” Once he got his money, he would walk over to his truck, get rid of the disguise, and drive away. Incidentally, this method proved so useful that Stephen was able to rob ten banks before the police finally got on his trail. He was ultimately caught because he left a fingerprint on one of the notes he handed to the teller.

Where Is Stephen Trantel Now?

Once arrested, Stephen claimed that he was innocent as his friends and family put his bail money together. However, later, he confessed to his wife and told her everything, from losing his job to the slew of robberies and his eventual arrest. Once put on trial in 2004, Stephen took a plea deal and was sent to prison for nine years. Unfortunately, Stephen’s arrest and conviction destroyed his relationship with Jeanne. She filed for divorce around eight months after her then-husband was sent to prison.

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Although Jeanne had filed for divorce, she wanted Stephen to keep in touch with their children and thus, took them to prison to visit their father from time to time until she handed over the task to an aunt in 2009. Once released in 2012, Stephen decided to rebuild his life. He got his own home began getting to know his children anew. Additionally, he even appeared on the chat show ‘Dr. Phil,’ to convey his side of the story to the public. At present, Stephen resides in Chatham, New York, and is employed as a manager at an Applebee’s. From the looks of it, he shares a beautiful relationship with his children, although it is unclear if Jeanne has kept in touch with him.

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