Where is Swagger Filmed?

‘Swagger’ on Apple TV+ delves into the world of youth basketball and follows high school athlete Jace Carson, who hopes to play in the NBA. The young athlete’s journey is the focal point of a broader narrative that explores the many aspects and nuances of being a young athlete in America.

The show depicts a range of typical urban environments ranging from local basketball courts and high school corridors to neighborhoods of varying affluence. The detailed exploration of the young athletes’ lives is made all the more authentic by the show’s realistic backdrop. If you’re wondering where ‘Swagger’ is filmed, we’ve got the story!

Swagger Filming Locations

‘Swagger’ is filmed across multiple towns in the state of Virginia. Production for season 1 was initially scheduled to begin in October 2019 but was delayed for various reasons, including former cast member Winston Duke getting injured and, subsequently, the COVID-19 pandemic. However, filming then resumed by December 2020 and had seemingly wrapped up by April 2021. Now let’s take a look at the specific locations used to bring the show to life.

Richmond, Virginia

The show is filmed extensively in the state capital of Richmond, and the production crew uses the Downtown YMCA at 2 West Franklin Street for lensing multiple scenes. The Gilpin Court neighborhood also appears on the show, and on-location shooting is undertaken around Calhoun Street. The show’s pilot was reportedly filmed in Gilpin Court as well.

Hopewell, Virginia

The city of Hopewell also provides multiple locations that bring ‘Swagger’ to life, including the Hopewell City Park, located at 245 Appomattox Street. The First Baptist Church on 401 North 2nd Avenue appears in a few scenes. Lastly, the area around South 6th Avenue Marvin Neal Bridge is also reportedly used for filming.

Petersburg, Virginia

The production also uses a few locations around the city of Petersburg, which is situated just south of Richmond. It seems lensing is undertaken on location in various parts of the city, and Petersburg is also likely used in the show to depict various towns that Jace’s team visits to play the season’s matches.

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