Where is Tara Kauzlarich Now?

A & E’s ‘Accused: Guilty or Innocent’ features the Shirley Carter murder case that took place in 2015. While her son, Jason Carter, was charged with the crime, he was later acquitted in 2019. The struggle of the family has been enormous. This is because, while Bill Carter and the rest of his children believe Jason committed the crime, Jason Carter is on a mission to prove his innocence. 

The second blow was when Jason Carter’s extramarital affair came to light. This took an obvious toll on his marriage even though his wife chose to remain with him. The two have worked on their relationship and come out stronger. In any case, curiosity does get the best of us. 

Who is Tara Kauzlarich?

Tara Kauzlarich is the woman Jason Carter was reportedly having an affair with. Their relationship went on for about 15 months until it came to an end. She was also required to be present in the court and give her statement in both of his trials. During the trial, she admitted that the two had sex at least three times a week. In addition to this, she also confirmed that the two used to meet up at Jason’s house sometimes. Jason Carter used to contact Tara on a prepaid phone. During the trial, she also talked about how the two had bonded over sharing information about their financial situations and various kinds of stress they had. In any case, as the prosecutor and Jason’s attorney cross-examined her, the questions were mostly objective. 

Tara Kauzlarich, also attested to the fact that Jason had texted her on the morning his mother’s body was found, without revealing any other details. Tara Kauzlarich’s then spouse also learned about the affair. In any case, this did not stop Shelly Carter from reconciling with her husband. Though a very heartbroken Shelly talked about how she could never forget what was done to her and her children through these repeated acts of infidelity, she also stated that she loves her husband. The two continue to live and work together on their farm in Iowa. 

Where is Tara Kauzlarich Now?

Tara Kauzlarich presently works as a program manager at Christian Opportunity Center in Iowa. She was working as a business manager in Motor Inn, Knoxville, when she met Jason. Her LinkedIn profile shows that she is currently working as a Program Manager at Christian Opportunity Center. Before that, she was working as a Life Skills Instructor there. 

Kauzlarich also has a Facebook page, where she posts quite frequently. There are several pictures of what looks like her children as well. Tara Kauzlarich also has a Youtube page that has not seen much activity in recent years. In any case, it seems that even Tara Kauzlarich has moved on to the next chapter in her life.  So let’s respect her privacy. 

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