ABC’s The Company You Keep: Exploring All Shooting Locations

Based on the South Korean series ‘My Fellow Citizens!,’ ABC’s ‘The Company You Keep’ is a drama series created by Phil Klemmer and Julia Cohen that follows the controversial love affair between a con man named Charlie and an undercover CIA agent named Emma. But little do they know that they are on different sides, and their love is bound to face some conflict due to their respective professional responsibilities. While Charlie is doing what he can to get out of the risky business for good, Emma is getting closer and closer to apprehending the criminal involved with Charlie’s family.

The dramatic narrative is complemented by the equally impressive onscreen performances from a talented ensemble cast comprising Milo Ventimiglia, Catherine Haena Kim, William Fichtner, Tim Chiou, and Freda Foh Shen. Moreover, the use of different locations makes the audience wonder where ‘The Company You Keep’ is filmed.

The Company You Keep Filming Locations

‘The Company You Keep’ is filmed in California, specifically in Los Angeles. The shooting for the show’s pilot took place in May 2022. After the show was picked up by the network, principal photography reportedly commenced in October 2022 and seemingly wrapped up in January 2023. Located in Western United States, California is the most populous state in the nation. Thanks to its diverse landscape, the Golden State serves as a suitable production location for different kinds of film projects. Now, without much ado, let us take you through all the specific sites that feature in the ABC series!

Los Angeles, California

Most of the pivotal sequences for ‘The Company You Keep’ are lensed in and around Los Angeles, the largest city in California and the second most populous city in the country. To be specific, the production team of the drama show utilizes the facilities of the Paramount Studio Lot at 5555 Melrose Avenue in the Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The film studio is home to 30 different sound stages that meet every other production requirement, wireless networking, internet access on all stages, sufficient mill space, and wardrobe cages. Moreover, there are plenty of backlot locations, including scenic parks, NY Street, and different kinds of shops. All these amenities make it one of the favorable filming sites for many filmmakers. In addition, the filming unit of ‘The Company You Keep’ sets up camp at various sites across the city to tape some key scenes for the series as well.

Situated in Southern California, Los Angeles is home to various extravagant residential buildings in posh neighborhoods, gorgeous beaches, a Mediterranean climate, links to the Hollywood industry, and a sprawling downtown area. Moreover, there are several important landmarks in the City of Angels, such as the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, the Hollywood Sign, the Griffith Observatory, the Venice Canal Historic District, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Los Angeles City Hall.

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