Where is The CW’s Recipe for Disaster Filmed?

The CW’s ‘Recipe for Disaster’ is a cooking reality TV series that pits together three professional chefs and their cooking friends in each episode who compete against each other to create some delicious dishes. However, what makes it unique from the rest of the cooking shows is that the contestants must prepare their dishes under absurdly adverse and unexpected conditions. For instance, they must attempt the perfect sear while stuck on “a sinking ship” and try to make risotto while bouncing in baby jumpers.

To make things even more disastrous, the cooking buddies of the professional chefs are individuals who know little to nothing about the art of cooking. The host and judges — Ann Pornel, Eden Grinshpan, and Shahir Massoud- make the reality series more entertaining. Given that it takes place in an indoor kitchen setting that tends to transform into a bizarre new world every other week, you are likely to be curious about the actual filming sites of ‘Recipe for Disaster.’ In that case, we have you covered!

Recipe for Disaster Filming Locations

‘Recipe for Disaster’ is filmed in Ontario, specifically in Toronto. As per reports, principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the unique cooking show commenced in November 2022 and wrapped up in a month or so, in December of the same year. Now, let’s not waste time and get a detailed account of the specific sites where the amateur chefs prepare spectacular dishes in The CW series!

Toronto, Ontario

Many pivotal sequences for ‘Recipe for Disaster’ are lensed in the capital city of Ontario — Toronto. In particular, the production team utilizes the facilities of one of the film studios in the city. They possibly constructed a custom-built set on a spacious sound stage, where most of the cooking show takes place. The studio transforms into a brand new world each week, decorated with different themes to make the competition fresh and exciting. Numerous film studios are located in and around Toronto, including Pie in the Sky, Revival Film Studios, Pinewood Toronto Studios, TriBro Studios, and Cinespace Studios.

The capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario is popularly called Hollywood North due to its significance and prominence in the entertainment industry. Apart from the cooking competition, it has hosted many other productions over the years. Toronto is also home to varied cultural institutions, including diverse festivals and public events, museums and galleries, entertainment districts, and national historic sites. Moreover, with its food scene booming with over 7,500 restaurants across 158 neighborhoods, the city is a suitable shooting location for a show like ‘Recipe for Disaster.’

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