Where Is The Hardy Boys Filmed?

Certain stories unfold when the past is revisited. ‘The Hardy Boys’ is a crime drama that involves two brothers – Frank (Rohan Campbell) and Joe (Alexander Elliot) – who are thrust into the spotlight when they take it upon themselves to solve the tragic mystery that defines their life – their mother’s death. Their father, Fenton (James Tupper), shares the feeling that his wife’s death was no accident and sets out on a journey to uncover the truth. The visuals justify the mysterious and heavy atmosphere that the plotline creates, and the setting a significant contributing factor. Curious to know where it is filmed? We’ve got you covered!

The Hardy Boys Filming Locations

‘The Hardy Boys’ is filmed in different parts of Ontario, specifically Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). Fenton brings his sons to live with their aunt in Bridgeport, where they start sleuthing around because they believe that it has something to do with their mother’s death. Let us go through some of the locations that stand in for Bridgeport!

Port Hope, Ontario

Various parts of Port Hope were used for filming ‘The Hardy Boys.’ Indoor and outdoor sequences were shot on Walton Street, Queen Street, Augusta Street, and John Street. This caused a brief interruption of traffic in the area for filming purposes. Memorial Park, near the Town Hall, located on 56 Queen Street in the downtown area of Port Hope, served as one of the locations for filming. Additionally, scenes were shot at West Beach and Rotary Park. The Union cemetery and St. John cemetery were also used for filming.

Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton is a port city that offered multiple locations to shoot ‘The Hardy Boys.’ The Scottish Rite Club is one such place. Located at 4 Queen Street South, the building has a dramatic presence that one can’t ignore. The red sandstone building with ceilings that are 50 feet high and the wrought iron fence makes an imposing presence on the screen.

Gage Park is an open space in the city, famous for its museums and greenhouses, is where this series is also filmed. Several scenes are also shot at the Tropical Greenhouse. Other filming locations in Hamilton include Carter Park and the neighborhoods of Dundas, Stinson, and Flamborough.

Cambridge, Ontario

Exterior and interior shots for this series were filmed at Idea Exchange, located at 1 North Square. Cambridge City Hall, located at 46 Dickinson Street, is also one of the filming locations for the show. Constructed in 1858, it is one of the prominent landmarks of Cambridge. Local businesses along Dickinson Street, Wellington Street, and Ainslie Street were also used for filming, which mildly affected the traffic.

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