Where Is The Ink Master Season 4 Cast Now?

Bringing together a group of experienced tattoo artists, ‘Ink Master’ strives to find the best among them through a plethora of challenges. The challenges keep growing in intensity and difficulty, all the while eliminating contestants until there’s only one remaining. The winner is then awarded a significant cash prize, a feature in Inked Magazine, and the much sought-after title of Ink Master. Most contestants on the show have gone on to become highly successful tattoo artists. Thus, if you want to know where the season 4 cast is at present, we come bearing answers!

Where is Melissa Monroe Now?

Hailing from Farmington, Wisconsin, Melissa Monroe won the hearts of judges through her tattooing skills. However, she fell short towards the tail end of the competition and had to bow out in the fifth position. Since then, Melissa returned to Wisconsin and has been putting a lot of effort into perfecting her craft.

Melissa’s exquisite art of tattooing is wonderfully documented on social media for all her followers to enjoy. At present, apart from working at Pine Needle Tattoos in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, Melissa Monroe also owns a small animal farm. It is wonderful to see her flourish in her personal life as well. She seems to share a beautiful relationship with her partner, and they are parents to a wonderful son.

Where is Sean Patrick “Halo” Jankowski Now?

Better known as Halo, Sean Patrick Jankowski has quite an inspiring story. He beat cancer not long before he appeared on the show. Coming on ‘Ink Master,’ with nine years of experience under his belt, the tattoo artist from Baltimore, Maryland, ended his journey in season 4 in the fourth position. Not so surprisingly, Halo is an all-out artist and even creates magnificent artworks apart from his masterful tattoos. Reports stated that in 2017, Halo got the chance to tattoo the famous singer-songwriter, Chris Brown. Currently, Halo owns and operates Black Lotus Tattoos in Hanover, Maryland, and seems to be in a happy relationship with professional body piercer Melissa Baker.

Where is Matti Hixson Now?

An experienced tattoo artist from Virginia Beach, Virginia, Matti Hixson made quite a name for himself while on the show. He even landed in third place in season 4. Subsequently, he returned to the series in season 7, where he finished fifth. At present, Matti is a part of the Otzi Tattoo Agency in Norfolk, Virginia, and documents his tattooing prowess on social media.

Matti shares an excellent relationship with his partner Amy Bernadette, who is also a tattoo artist. The two are set to tie the knot in 2022. However, in a cruel twist of fate, Matti and Bernadette had to live through the pain of losing a child, as their newborn daughter Cora passed away due to complications arising from her preterm birth. Still, it seems like the couple is slowly healing from the tremendous loss as they lean on each other for support and hold on to their daughter’s memory.

Where is Walter “Sausage” Frank Now?

Walter Frank’s expertise propelled him to the very top as he breezed through challenges on the way to the final. However, the late Scott Marshall got the better of him during the season 4 finale, and Frank had to be content with being a runner-up. Owing to his talent, Frank returned to the show in season 7 only to end his run in seventh place. The tattoo artist then got together with season 3 winner Joey Hamilton, and the two co-founded Revolt Tattoos.

Subsequently, Frank was also called back to ‘Ink Master’ season 12 as a coach. At present, Revolt Tattoos has managed to gather a significant fan following with studios in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, as well as Salt Lake. Apart from heading the successful tattooing venture, Frank is happily married to Kristal, and the two are parents to three adorable boys.

Where is Scott Marshall Now?

Scott Marshall’s talent and creativity became quite apparent from the way he tackled challenges on ‘Ink Master.’ He was in a class of his own and, in the finale, managed to defeat fan-favorite contestant Walter “Sausage” Frank. Being crowned Ink Master in season 3 earned him immense popularity, and fans couldn’t wait to see what he would do next.

However, in a sudden and shocking turn of events, Scott Marshall passed away more than a year after winning the competition. According to reports, he was found dead on October 25, 2015, at the Holiday Inn Express in Roselle, Illinois. The autopsy determined that death was caused by benzodiazepine and heroin intoxication.

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