Where is The Shrink Next Door Filmed?

‘The Shrink Next Door’ is a dark comedy series that follows the incredible story of a patient and his psychiatrist. When Martin “Marty” Markowitz begins to see Dr. Isaac “Ike” Herschkopf for regular sessions, the doctor slowly takes over his life. The incredible story follows a decades-long timeline where the crafty psychiatrist’s hold on his timid patient’s affairs gets stronger, and he even moves into the latter’s summer home for a period.

The show skips between the past and present, showing us two very different versions of Marty. The backdrop, a busy metropolis, gives the remarkable story an unsettling feeling of normalcy as life goes on for almost everyone else, even as the insidious doctor repeatedly crosses boundaries with his patient. If you were wondering where ‘The Shrink Next Door’ is filmed, we’ve got the story!

The Shrink Next Door Filming Locations

Despite the story being set on the East Coast, the show is filmed in California. Filming for season 1 was moved to California due to various constraints, including the COVID-19 pandemic, and began in November 2020. Due to the health guidelines, a few scenes that featured large groups of people had to eventually be shot using only 20 or so extras, and production on the opening season finally wrapped up in March 2021. Now let’s take a look at the specific locations that are used to bring the show to life.

Los Angeles, California

Set in New York City, the show was initially scheduled to film in the Big Apple, but production was then moved to Los Angeles. According to lead actor Will Ferrell, L.A. gives them more space and possibilities for filming but also resulted in some scenes from season 1 having to be rewritten. Scenes set in a Broadway theatre were one such aspect that had to be modified when the production was shifted to the West Coast.

Most of the filming is seemingly carried out on set, including scenes featuring Ferrell’s character Marty’s bar mitzvah. A few residential properties are also used, most notably to depict Marty’s fancy Hamptons home, which his doctor eventually takes over. The production also likely films multiple scenes in public areas around urban Los Angeles.

The show regularly depicts the two central characters — the doctor and patient — walking down the street together; and urban locations in L.A. are likely used as a stand-in for busy New York City Streets. Many of the vintage scenes, which are set in the 1980s, are also likely shot on set.

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