Where Was The Trip Filmed? Where is the Cabin in The Trip Located?

‘The Trip’ (original title: ‘I onde dager’) is a Norwegian action thriller that follows Lars and Lisa as they go on a getaway to their cabin in the woods. Each with their bitter reasons, the two plan on murdering their spouse during the vacation but don’t count on the other attempting the same. The chaos that ensues is raised several notches when three escaped convicts stumble into the situation. The film takes place almost entirely in the couple’s cabin, and the serene natural surroundings are turned into the scene of a bloodbath. Are you curious about where the cabin from ‘The Trip’ is located? We’ve got the story!

The Trip Filming Locations

Director by Tommy Wirkola, ‘The Trip’ was filmed in Norway across a few different locations. Since a large portion of the movie is set indoors, extensive sets were built for shooting. The production also spent time on location, primarily for outdoor and establishing shots. Principal photography took place in 2020 during the months of September and October. Now let’s take a look at where most of the filming took place.

Lillestrøm, Norway

‘The Trip’ was filmed predominantly in the Lillestrøm municipality, located within the Oslo metropolitan area. A secluded cabin in the area was used for many exterior scenes, and the surrounding forested region was used for establishing shots. The region is known for its natural beauty and draws visitors for hiking and skiing. The waterside scenes were seemingly filmed at the nearby Nitelva river.

Interior scenes were seemingly filmed on intricately constructed sets located in Lillestrøm. Multiple action sequences take place within the confines of the rooms of the small cabin. Filming on a constructed set allowed the filmmakers to capture angles that would otherwise be impossible. In fact, since the film ends with scenes from a production set, one can see how the confined basement is actually a much larger room. The scene in which the three convicts fall through the roof also depicts how the room is actually larger than it appears.

Therefore, the cabin where ‘The Trip’ is set was brought to life using multiple locations. The natural surroundings were captured from forested regions around the city of Oslo, while the extensive interior filming took place on detailed sets.

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