Where is Trevon Haynes From Beyond the Aggressives Now?

Showtime’s ‘Beyond the Aggressives: 25 Years Later’ is a documentary that follows four of the people featured in the 2005 documentary called ‘The Aggressives.’ About two decades later, the lives of all those involved have seen many new developments, including that of Trevon Hayes. Not only was he upfront about the changes in his life, but he also explained how his mindset had changed over the years as society progressed in terms of LGBTQ+ representation.

Trevon Haynes Reevaluated His Gender Identity

On the Showtime documentary, Trevon confessed that he had not really realized the impact that the original movie would have. He explained that it had made him feel a bit embarrassed, and he had spiraled for a life. However, he soon decided to turn his life around and even earned his GED. In a way, he claimed, the movie had been responsible for the positive changes in his life and served as a motivation. He also explained how he had been contacted by many individuals who claimed that Trevon had changed his life.

Trevon also clarified that he no longer identifies as an “aggressive.” Instead, he stated, he had come to realize that he was a transgender male. However, he was also open about not growing a beard or getting top surgery, claiming that while he knows that many transmen go through the process, he himself was of the idea that not all who identify as male need to fulfill these forms of “requirements.” In fact, he pondered that by modern definitions, he might align more towards the idea of a non-binary person. He was also shown to have a close connection with his aunt Greta Allen and great-grandmother Gloria Jones.

Additionally, Trevon shed light on his love life. He shared that he was in a relationship with Jade Hart. The two had met first in 2013, though Jade had known of him beforehand due to the 2005 movie. Given that Tevon had expressed a preference towards dating only transgender women in the original film, Jade had upfront asked him if that had changed and if he would be open to dating a cis-gender woman. This paved the way for a love story for them, and the two got engaged.

While talking about their relationship, Trevon confessed that he had cheated on Jade in the past, which is why they had moved to Palm Springs, California, to start fresh. In fact, the two were even looking forward to starting a family of their own. During the documentary, Trevon also shared that after he had stopped taking hormones, some of his eggs could be retrieved for his future children. However, he was then told that he might have cervical cancer for which he might need to get a hysterectomy, though Trevon was reluctant to do so before getting some of his eggs frozen.

Trevon Haynes is Now Grieving The Loss of his Aunt

As of this writing, Trevon Haynes lives in Palm Springs, California, and is in a very happy relationship with Jade Hart. The former revealed happily that the possibility of him having cervical cancer was disproved when a more thorough checkup was done. He also shed light on how the healthcare system can often be daunting for trans men, especially when dealing with their sexual health. However, he remains focused on getting the best care for himself and his partner.


Trevon’s relationship with Jade has also been going well. Their plans for having kids were put on hold for some time when Jade had gotten surgery to remove her butt implants. The news also sparked a discussion about how Trevon has never been in favor of reconstruction surgeries that Jade had gone through, though the latter is firm about the fact that it is so that she can feel good about herself, opening up about her own insecurities when it comes to her physical appearance.

Recently, Trevon went through a huge tragedy. He lost his aunt Greta Allen on September 25, 2023. The two had had a close bond and Greta’s health had gotten worse in August of 2023. While she had been undergoing treatment, Trevon had asked everyone to pray for her. The loss has undoubtedly impacted Trevon very much. As shared in the documentary, he works as a doordash delivery person and seems to be a huge fan of basketball.

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