Where is Warrior Nun Filmed?

Based on the comic book series “Warrior Nun Areala” by Ben Dunn, ‘Warrior Nun’ is a fantasy action drama series starring Toya Turner, Alba Baptista, Lorena Andrea, Kristina Tonteri-Young, Thekla Reuten, Joaquim de Almeida, and Sylvia De Fanti. The series centers around a 19-year-old girl, who wakes up in a morgue one day and finds a divine artifact embedded to her back. As a result, she becomes the primal force that helms the responsibility of fighting evil on Earth. With this, a war between Heaven and Hell breaks loose and she finds herself in its epicenter. While the characters here are quite critical, even the setting of ‘Warrior Nun’ brings more richness and depth to its overarching story. So let’s take a look at all of its filming locations that were perfectly tuned to befit its fantastical setting.

Warrior Filming Locations

Close to 300 people from many different nationalities got together for the filming of ‘Warrior Nun’ on March 12, 2019. The filming of the series was then carried out for a span of 17 weeks in several different locations of Spain such as Málaga, Seville, and Córdoba. The filming was then finally wrapped up on July 8, 2019.


In the province of Málaga itself, the filming of the series was carried out in several different locations such as Málaga city, Antequera, Marbella, Ronda, Alhaurín el Grande, and Rincón de la Victoria. As you may already know, ‘Warrior Nun’ is replete with action scenes, so naturally, several different props and set designs were adopted during its filming. The creators of the show ensured that its production was sustainable in every possible way. Even the water bottles given to the crew of the film were reusable Fresco bottles. Throughout the span of its production, creators of ‘Warrior Nun’ collaborated with several organizations that made its production possible in Spain. Some of these organizations are Málaga Film Office; University of Malaga; Antequera City Council; Alhaurín City Council; the Association of Medium-sized Cities, and the Polo Digital of Malaga

Here’s an interesting trivia regarding the filming of the series: A significant amount of its shooting also took place in the Royal Alcázar of Seville, which is the palace where several scenes of ‘Game of Thrones‘ were also filmed. The royal palace is located in Sevilla, Spain. Fresco Films, the production company that also worked on ‘Game of Thrones’, also set several plot scenarios in many different churches of Spain. These mostly included Jesús and San Juan de Dios churches, and Santa María church in Antequera. According to a local news source, these churches were completely transformed to suit the mise-en-scene requirements of the series. Several murals of Templars, angels, and dragons were installed all over the churches and even their sacristy was turned into a library with bright red wallpaper.

Creator of the series, Simon Barry, announced the first day of the show’s filming by posting some of its key art. Check it out below:

Simon Barry later also confirmed on his twitter that the show’s filming was carried out for 6 months in Spain. Check it out below:

Here’s a post confirming that the show was filmed at the Real Alcazar:

Here are several stills from the sets of ‘Warrior Nun’:

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