Where is We Are Lady Parts Filmed?

Image Credit: Channel 4

‘We Are Lady Parts’ is a comedy series about a punk rock band comprising four Muslim women. Shattering stereotypes, the show follows their lives as they grapple with the expectations that burden them and express their emotions like wildfire through their punchy punk songs. In their quest for musical success, the band soon adds timid and whimsical, albeit conservative, Amina as their guitarist.

The show’s in-your-face expression of feminine punk power is contrasted by its middle-class residential and university backdrop, where the bandmates spend their days. From conservative households to preppy college mates and supermarket day jobs, the show’s everyday setting is crucial to portraying the protagonists’ renegade alter ego. Let’s take a look at where ‘We Are Lady Parts’ is filmed.

We Are Lady Parts Filming Locations

‘We Are Lady Parts’ is based in London, where the characters reside and are part of the Muslim community. Their cultural background, and the fact that they are part of the modern metropolitan diaspora, are crucial to their character development and a big part of the show’s overall arc. Apart from being set in the capital city of England, the quirky comedy series is also filmed in London, with the production team using the city’s less-glamorous residential areas as well as its thriving underground music scene for filming.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of the filming also had to be done on closed studio sets that were made to look like the original locations they were meant to shoot at. Production for the first season began in August 2020 and continued through October. Let’s take a closer look at the show’s specific filming locations.

London, England

‘We Are Lady Parts’ is filmed predominantly in London, England, specifically in neighborhoods in East London, where the characters are portrayed to be living. The Whitechapel district, located in the East End of London, is used as one of the major filming locations of the show. The nearby neighborhood of Bethnal Green is also featured quite extensively, with the production team shooting in multiple locations within it. The neighborhood hosts a higher percentage of immigrant families than most other parts of the city and is a burgeoning middle-class locality.

The Queen Mary University of London, where the lead character Amina is shown completing her Ph.D. in microbiology, is also used as a filming location. The university is located on Mile End Road, Bethnal Green in East London, with another one of its multiple campuses located in the Garrod Building on Turner Street, Whitechapel.

The east-London neighborhoods and landmarks used as authentic backdrops for the show give the audience a lot of details about where the characters come from. So important is the east-London aesthetic that a butcher shop from that part of the city was recreated in the studio with close attention to detail to make it look exactly like the original shop.

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