Where Is William Hargrove Now?

Image Credit: CBS News / 48 Hours

CBS’s ’48 Hours: The Murder of Anna Repkina’ chronicles the 2017 death of a 27-year-old Russian woman whose body was found on a remote Benton County logging road less than seven weeks after she arrived in America. Anna was shot to death, execution-style, and according to court records and the Benton County undersheriff, her Oregonian fiancé, William Chase Hargrove, was arrested and charged with murder, identity theft, and second-degree theft just two days later. This came after investigators learned that Anna had unwittingly gotten caught up in a twisted up love triangle. Now, as it has been quite a while, let’s find out where William Hargrove currently is, shall we?

Who Is William Hargrove?

William Chase Hargrove, of Corvallis, was renting a room from Michelle Chavez, a woman in a loveless marriage, when he first came across Anna Repkina on an online dating site in 2016. Subsequently, on one side, while he was wooing Anna and forming a relationship with her, on the other, he was involved in an affair with Michelle. Even after he proposed to Anna over Christmas, William continued his connection with both women, so when Anna moved from Moscow to Oregon to be with him, Michelle was furious. By that time, the latter had decided that she’d leave her husband for him, and wanting him to only be with her as well, she started pressuring him into leaving his fiancée. After that, within days, Anna wound up dead.

William had revealed his love triangle troubles to a friend of his, who, when questioned by the authorities, admitted to everything he had said. Afterward, when William was looked into and was seen exhibiting behavior that can only be described as peculiar and erratic, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that he was behind his fiancée’s death. After all, he had used her money to pay for his car insurance and shop at Walmart, all the while searching for time travel spells and texting strangers on WhatsApp to find a way to correct a mistake made by his “best friend.” A particular message he sent said, in part, “I want to go back to keep from losing the woman that should be my wife.” Thus, in July 2018, he was formally indicted for Anna’s killing.

Where Is William Hargrove Now?

William Hargrove went on trial for murder in October of 2019. There, his defense team cross-questioned his other lover, Michelle Chavez, claiming that it was her who had pulled the trigger and that the Oregonian bouncer was innocent, having no hand in Anna’s slaying whatsoever. They even went as far as to claim that she had threatened him with her family’s connections to an outlaw motorcycle gang to scare him into keeping silent. The prosecutors, on the other hand, focused primarily on William and his actions succeeding Anna’s death, describing his frantic nature and how he had even met up with Michelle that same night for sex. They also detailed William’s relationship with both women in full.

In the end, in January of 2020, the jury found William Hargrove guilty of second-degree murder and identity theft in connection with Anna Repkina’s death, sentencing him to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years. This came after the prosecutors made it clear that the murder weapon was recovered from William’s car and that his cell phone records put him at the crime scene when it happened. Therefore, William, at the age of 30, is currently incarcerated at the Snake River Correctional Institution, a medium-level security prison in eastern Oregon, about five miles northwest from the city of Ontario. Because of his conviction, his earliest release date is mentioned as “life” in state records.

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