Lifetime’s The Replacement Daughter: Filming Locations and Cast Details

With Bruno Hernandez occupying the director’s chair, Lifetime’s ‘The Replacement Daughter’ is a thriller movie that revolves around Lizza and her teenage daughter, Jessica, and how their world turns upside down when the former meets with a fatal accident involving a hit-and-run driver. The extent of her injuries is so severe that she goes into a coma, leaving Jessica all alone and without the presence of her loving and caring mother. However, soon, a wealthy woman named Eva begins taking care of a vulnerable Jessica, who is seduced by Eva’s luxurious world.

It turns out that nothing is what it seems when it comes to Eva, and Jessica must devise a clever plan to escape Eva’s web of lies and deceit. Not only that, she also has to do something to save her comatose mother. Most of the scenes take place in the hospital, where Jessica’s mother is admitted, and Eva’s humble abode, which is a world of luxury introduced to Jessica. These contrasting visuals are important to drive the narrative forward, keeping the viewers guessing where the movie was actually shot.

The Replacement Daughter Was Filmed in Kentucky

The makers of ‘The Replacement Daughter’ reportedly set up camp in Kentucky, specifically in Louisville. Principal photography for the Lifetime production took place in January 2024 and lasted about three weeks. Upon wrapping up the production, Stacy Haiduk took to social media to express her feelings about the same. She posted, “Just finished working on a film for 3 weeks in Kentucky! Had a wonderful time with this incredible cast/ crew! Thank you To you all for making this such a wonderful time! Love to you all!”

Louisville, Kentucky

All pivotal sequences for ‘The Replacement Daughter’ were lensed in and around Louisville, which is located along the border between Kentucky and Indiana. The filmmaker and his team made the most of the locales of downtown Louisville, as many locals spotted them taping key portions of the movie in the area. Since it is home to advanced facilities, local talents, and competitive incentives, Louisville is considered one of the most popular production locations among many filmmakers.

During a conversation with Survived the Shows, Kristi Murdock, one of the leading actors in ‘The Replacement Daughter,’ was asked about her experience working with her co-actors. She opened up and said, “The cast on this film were extremely talented and warm! I adored working with Stacy Haiduk and Emily Rose Miceli. I also got to reunite with KJ Baker on this film after working with her on another film!” As the conversation deepened, Kristi was also asked to talk about her favorite scene or moment during the production of the Lifetime film.

“The accident scene was filmed last and it was brutally cold outside. So all the cast and crew in between takes would huddle together and wrap their arms and bodies around us actors to warm us up. It was my birthday that day so it just felt extra special to get all those warm hugs,” Kristi said. In various aerial shots or exterior scenes, many of you are bound to spot several popular buildings and monuments in the backdrop, such as the Muhammad Ali Center, 400 West Market, Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, and the Cathedral of the Assumption.

The Replacement Daughter Cast

Hailing from Michigan, Stacy Haiduk portrays the treacherous Eva in ‘The Replacement Daughter.’ After gaining popularity by featuring in ‘Superboy’ as Lana Lang, Stacy bagged some major roles in many movies and shows, such as ‘SeaQuest 2032,’ ‘The Beneficiary,’ ‘Not Another High School Show,’ ‘Victim,’ and ‘The Young and the Restless.’ On the other hand, Emily Miceli essays the role of Jessica in the Lifetime film. Since she worked in various commercials and local theaters as a child, it kickstarted her career in the industry. After doing well in a few short movies, Emily has been featured in ‘The Secrets She Keeps,’ ‘The Hand That Robs the Cradle,’ and ‘Lady of the Manor.’ Moreover, Kristi Murdock stars in the thriller as Jessica’s ailing mother, Lizza.

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