Lifetime’s Roommate Regret: Filming Locations and Cast Details

In the directorial hands of Peter Foldy, ‘Roommate Regret’ introduces us to Jessica, a young homeowner who decides to rent out her spare bedroom. She accepts the tenancy of a charming British music producer, Alec, who appears to fulfill her basic requirements. However, Alec begins to act in a strange manner, making Jessica uncomfortable and trying to coax her into compromising positions. As Alec reveals his true motives and pursues them relentlessly, Jessica realizes that she is in a more desperate situation than she initially thought and may have to fight her way out of it.

The Lifetime thriller movie revolves around a pleasant seaside setting, taking us to beachside restaurants, bustling commercial areas, and Jessica’s quaint neighborhood. The picturesque backdrop is sharply contrasted by the increasingly concerning dynamic between Jessica and Alec, providing a multifaceted environment that reflects the emotions exuded by the scenes.

Where Was Roommate Regret Filmed?

‘Roommate Regret’ was filmed in the Tampa Bay Area, Florida, across locations in Tampa, Gulfport, and St. Petersburg. Principal photography for the film began in late October 2022 under the tentative title, ‘Bad Tenant,’ and was wrapped up by November 17, 2022. Impressed with the location scouting and preparations made for the shoot, script supervisor Marisa Bayer took to Instagram and wrote, “I really felt our work in preproduction made this movie all it could be by the end.” Let us follow in the footsteps of the film crew and identify some of the locations seen in the film.

Tampa Bay Area, Florida

Filming for ‘Roommate Regret’ took place entirely within the coastal regions of the Tampa Bay Area in western Florida. The film crew began shooting in Tampa, the largest city in the area, known for its nightlife, Ybor City district, and the Tampa Riverwalk. Scenes involving the property depicted as Jessica’s residence in the movie were filmed in Tampa. From downtown skyscrapers to charming waterfronts, Tampa offers a range of visually stunning locations that enhance the narrative of ‘Roommate Regret.’

After completing filming in Tampa by November 4, 2022, the production team ventured further to the southern tip of the Tampa Bay Area’s peninsula, to the city of St. Petersburg. The city can be recognized in the film by its coastal parks, sweeping views of Tampa Bay, and piers with an array of eclectic boats docked along them. Shooting here largely took place in downtown St. Petersburg, a vibrant and dynamic urban center with a mix of modern skyscrapers, historic buildings, and bustling commercial streets.

Filming in St. Petersburg was completed by November 12, 2022, and the crew traveled to its neighboring city of Gulfport. The team shot scenes at the Gulfport Beach Recreation Area. The popular destination features picnic areas with tables and grills, beach sports, concerts, festivals, and watersports, creating a vibrant vacation atmosphere.

With its tropical locales featuring filming sites that can depict quiet ocean fronts as well as a busy coastal town, the Tampa Bay Area serves as a versatile filming location for films and shows set around a seafront. Furthermore, the region’s burgeoning local film industry is galvanized by the generous tax credits offered to productions based within its territories. The area has become a go-to destination for Lifetime’s filmmakers and has seen the filming of movies like ‘Danger on Party Island,’ ‘Spring Break Nightmare,’ ‘Lies Beneath the Surface,’ and ‘Hider in My House.’

Roommate Regret Cast

The film is led by the up-and-coming actress Maryana Dvorska essaying Jessica. Also a fitness and social media influencer, Maryana has starred as Sophie Mackenzie in ‘Goodbye, My CEO,’ and Ivy in ‘Fallen Drive.’ Featured opposite her is Josh Cole, who enacts the mysterious Alec. You may have seen Josh taking on the role of Herbert West in ‘Beyond the Resonator,’ ‘The Resonator,’ and ‘Curse of the Re-Animator.’ His other credits include ‘Lawmen: Bass Reeves’ and ‘Solve.’

The movie also stars Veronica Long as Luisa. The Houston, Texas-born actress is known for her work in ‘Charmed,’ ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Billy the Kid,’ ‘The Imperfects,’ and ‘Guadalajara.’ She has also appeared in several Hallmark and Lifetime movies, including ‘Advice to Love By,’ ‘Dying to Belong,’ ‘A Winning Team,’ and ‘Lights, Camera, Christmas!.’

Supporting actors for the film include Lee Perkins as Dr. Malone, Sam Benjamin as Preston Black, Laura Dennis as Axelle, Heather Fraley as Samantha, Wade Hunt Williams as Detective Rollins, Courtney Warner as Valentina, and Mahmoud Mahmoud as Detective Khan. Other actors starring in the film are Kate Szekely as Wanda, Mary Skinner as Sharon, Courtney Elvira as Officer Ramirez, Charlie Shrem as Igor, Dennis Mallen as Gaz, Eric Perez as Stee, Timothy Mark Davis as Roma, and Cassandra Hodges as Flight Attendant (voice).

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