Lifetime’s Danger on Party Island: Shooting Locations and Cast Explored

‘Danger on Party Island’ narrates a thrilling and mysterious tale of a young woman traveling to a notorious party island where her sister has passed away, only to discover something disturbing about the remote destination. Upon hearing the news of Georgia Dale’s demise, her elder sister, Mel, flies to Fang Key Island. The authorities hand over Georgia’s wallet, saying it had washed shore after she suffered an accident while cliff diving and that they could not recover her body. Realizing that her sister was afraid of heights and would have never gone cliff diving, Mel takes it upon herself to trace Georgia’s footsteps and find her way to the truth.

Under the direction of Danny J. Boyle, the Lifetime thriller film presents a mysterious and suspenseful narrative that takes us into the dark underbelly of the seemingly idyllic town. Set in a tropical island party destination, the movie immerses us in expansive beaches, small-town coastal ambiance, and an isolated private island. With Mel carrying out her search in every nook and cranny of the isle, one may start an investigation of their own, looking into where filming for the thriller took place.

Where Was Danger on Party Island Filmed?

The filming for ‘Danger on Party Island’ was largely carried out in locations around the Tampa Bay area, Florida. Tentatively titled ‘Blood In The Water,’ principal photography for the movie began in December 2022 and was wrapped up by the first week of January 2023. Shooting took place over a tight filming schedule of just a few weeks, and the film crew faced substantial roadblocks in completing it.

“The folks working on this were as much fun off-screen as they were on screen and despite challenges with weather, holidays, sickness, and an ambitious shoot schedule, this project came together in an amazing way and it’s purely due to the talent of the people involved,” wrote actress Kate Dailey on an Instagram post. Allow us to take you through the filming destinations chosen by the production team for ‘Danger on Party Island.’

Tampa Bay Area, Florida

The film crew traveled to the Tampa Bay Area to capture the backdrops for ‘Danger on Party Island.’ In particular, shooting took place in the coastal regions of Pinellas County, and many of its seaside locales and beaches can be spotted in the movie. The team’s choice to shoot in the Tampa Bay area was strategic, as the region’s diverse geography and vibrant cultural landscape offer a malleable canvas and could stand in for the intended tropical location of the fictional Fang Key Island. Additionally, the Pinellas County administration provides substantial incentives for filming in the Pete Clearwater area based on local expenditure and promotion.

Some of the sites seen in the film include Madeira Beach and the entertainment district of John’s Pass in Pinellas County. When Mel is talking to her mother on the phone and notices someone following her, the scene features Madeira Beach as a filming site with its broad sandy landscape stretching into the distance. In the same sequence of Mel walking along the seafront, we can see the background being comprised of sites around John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk.

Situated at 12945 Village Boulevard, John’s Pass is a vibrant and historic entertainment known for its charming boardwalk, which stretches along the waterfront and is lined with an array of shops, boutiques, galleries, and eateries. As it gets dark and Mel is on the phone, looking over her shoulder, we can spot the real-life Pirates Pub & Grub restaurant on the boardwalk behind her. Location around Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay area can also be seen in the Lifetime movies ‘Nightmare PTA Moms,’ ‘Spring Break Nightmare,’ ‘Lies Beneath the Surface,’ and ‘Hider in My House.’

Danger on Party Island Cast

The Lifetime movie is headlined by Lindsey Dresbach acting out the role of Mel Dale. Lindsey landed her first leading film role in ‘A Professor’s Vengeance,’ went on to lead in the TV miniseries ‘The Red List,’ and makes an appearance in ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.’ Starring opposite her is Atlanta-based actor Adam Harper, who puts on the garb of Keaton Carlson. Adam is an experienced actor who began his career with commercials and has made guest appearances in the TV series ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,’ ‘The Booze, Bets and Sex That Built America,’ and ‘The Blacklist.’ You may have also seen him reprising the role of Carl in ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime.’

Other cast members include James Bobo as Jever Lewis, Kate Dailey as Paula, Andrea Prevatt as Georgia Dale, Emily Maribo as Sarah Ellis, Annie Cook as Alice Dale, Mia Rose as Kaya, and Haley Weber as Edith. Also appearing in the film are Kylee Nicole Peck as Beach town guest, Mackenzie Thompson as Faye, James Stewart Welch Jr. as Guard, David Siracusa as Bouncer, Darius Devontaye Green as Nick, Jennifer H. Brewer as Ferry Passenger, and Monroe Pfiefer as Hostess.

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