Lifetime’s Spring Break Nightmare: Filming Locations and Cast Details

Lifetime’s ‘Spring Break Nightmare’ is a thriller movie that tells the tale of a pro surfer named Kayla who heads off to a beach paradise with her rival and best friend Ally to party during Spring Break. What was supposed to be a fun and relaxing time for them turns into a nightmare when Kayla suddenly vanishes. Her mother, Michelle, and her boyfriend, Nick, rush to the island upon hearing about Kayla’s disappearance. As Michelle started losing all hope, she receives a ransom note and a video, letting her know that her daughter has been kidnapped.

While Michelle attempts to meet the kidnapper’s demands and get her daughter back in one piece, she comes across the unexpected truth that she and Kayla have been stabbed in the back by someone close to them — either Ally or Nick. Most of the Dylan Vox directorial unfolds on the beach as the open waters provide a calming backdrop but only until things turn upside down in the story. After that, the backdrop is seen changing quite constantly as Michelle looks for her missing daughter in different parts of the island. Are you interested in knowing where ‘Spring Break Nightmare’ was filmed? Luckily for you, we have got you covered!

Spring Break Nightmare Filming Locations

‘Spring Break Nightmare’ was filmed entirely in Florida, particularly in the Tampa Bay Area. As per reports, principal photography for the thriller film commenced in early February 2022 and wrapped up by the end of the same month. Since most of Florida is situated on a peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Straits of Florida, the production team managed to disguise it as an island where Kayla and Ally spend their Spring Break. Let us now give you a detailed account of all the specific locations that make an appearance in the Lifetime movie!

Tampa Bay Area, Florida

All the pivotal sequences for ‘Spring Break Nightmare’ were lensed on location in the Tampa Bay Area, with the filming unit utilizing various locales of the area. They also set up camp on several beaches across the Tampa Bay Area, including St. Pete Beach, Madeira Beach, Indian Rocks Beach, and Clearwater Beach. The city of Gulfport in Florida’s Pinellas County also served as an important production location for the thriller film.

During the filming schedule, the director and his team were also spotted taping many key portions in the city of St. Petersburg. In particular, the scene where Michelle enters the shop of a rental car company in search of her daughter was recorded on location in and around Creel Motors Tampa Bay at 4870 66th Street North in St. Petersburg.

Spring Break Nightmare Cast

Kristi Murdock and Kalen Bull essay the role of mother and daughter — Michelle and Kayla — in the Lifetime movie. The former might seem like a familiar face to many of you because she has worked on several film projects, prior to ‘Spring Break Nightmare.’ She features in ‘Something’s Brewing,’ ‘Furry Little Christmas,’ ‘My Nightmare Office Affair,’ and ‘Abandon Ship.’

On the other hand, you may remember Kalen Bull as a cheerleader as she has portrayed a cheerleader in a couple of movies — ‘The Wrong Cheerleader’ and ‘Dying to be a Cheerleader.’ Apart from them, she also features in ‘Her Deadly Boyfriend’ and a few short movies, including ‘The Virgin Maggi,’ ‘Silently Suffering,’ and ‘Mother of the Year.’

The Lifetime movie also features several actors and actresses in supporting roles, including Grace Patterson (Ally), Mike Markoff (Dino), Michael Bonini (Zeke), Lauren Faulkner (Becky), Derek McDonnell (Nick), Stephen Simon (Detective Fisher), Derek Poole (Harold), and Ariel Iman (Sarah). Furthermore, Joseph Aviel features as the surfing judge, Christine Kent as one of the spring breakers, Matthew Todd DeCesare as a cop, Julia Starchevsky as CSI, Marc Bashoor as the police chief, along with Michael Perrucci, Alexis Baca, and Heather Fraley, in the thriller film.

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