12 TV Shows Like Supernatural You Must See

Supernatural has had a long and illustrious run and we have shared in the adventures of the Winchesters as they have hunted demons, killed monsters and fought ghosts and took it to a different level by tangling with big celestial beings and despicable creatures from hell and purgatory. We love Sam and Dean and how they always manage to look good and keep coming back to save the world.

Here’s the list of TV Shows similar to Supernatural that are our recommendations. You can stream some of these shows like Supernatural on Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hulu.

12. Angel

A spin off of the Buffy series, Angel is a vampire whose soul is restored to him. Now a tormented man, he has moved to Los Angeles and works as a detective. He often has to fight occult and human evils while battling with inner torment at the same time. An incisive show exposing the psyche of a natural killer and how he must come to terms with his actions in light of his restored humanity, this show is definitely a recommended watch for Supernatural fans.

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11. Charmed

One of the highest rated debuts of all time that received a cult following on The WB, this story follows three sisters who discover that they are the strongest witches ever known and are destined to protect humanity against evil forces. The power of three that the sisters represent go on to speak of their bonds as siblings as well and we are reminded of the bond shared by the Winchester brothers as they take on a very similar role minus the witches’ powers.

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10. Lucifer

We saw the devil in Supernatural and he was bent on destroying the world. We see a very different devil in Lucifer, a police procedural where the devil himself assists on cases. A better study of the character as someone who rebels rather than causes all evil, this show also includes Biblical characters like angels of God and very recently Cain. A show that much like Supernatural juxtaposes the real world with the supernatural myths, this show too boasts of an extremely good looking and talented cast.

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9. Once Upon a Time

The premise of the show is exciting because it follows several characters from fairy tales who were brought to our world by a curse and robbed of their original memories. Personally one of the reasons I loved the first seasons of Supernatural was because of their heavy use of American folklore and urban legends. This show is a favorite for much the same reasons as it borrows heavily from the Disney franchise of fantasy characters and Western literature and fairy tales.

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8. The Originals

The plot follows a vampire werewolf hybrid and his family and their entanglement with supernatural politics of New Orleans. The CW show has garnered positive reviews and earned praise and why not for its quirky subject matter. Supernatural fans will be delighted at the generous dollop of monsters that this show brings to them. It is a definite recommendation to get over the Supernatural hangover.

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7. Shadowhunters

Clary Fray, a teenager discovers on her birthday that she is a descendant of a human angel hybrid and she is tasked with killing demons. Much like Grimm except for the police procedural bit, Shadowhunters explores character development wonderfully as Fray fights both real life and metaphorical demons. If Castiel grabbed your eyes then Fray will keep you glued to the screen, of that we are sure.

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6. Grimm

This show follows the tale of a Portland detective Nick Burkhardt who finds out that he is actually a descendant of a long line of defenders who are tasked with maintaining the balance between humanity and the supernatural creatures. The job description which might be categorized as an occult detective falls neatly with what Sam and Dean do for a living as well. In fact there are numerous times the brothers have pretended to be FBI agents to explore a supernatural angle on a case and in fact one time they made a subtle nod to the X-Files duo by going under as the famous Feds from the show.

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5. Teen Wolf

A social outcast, this teenage boy Scott must deal with his regular life and the complications of being a werewolf at the same time. Why does this remind us of Supernatural? Oh wait, Sam and Dean were social outcasts, Dean more so than Sam who at least had his fancy education to fall back on. The brothers who are essentially drifters deal with the same problems that Scott deals with. Also both Scott and the Winchester brothers from time to time team up with other supernatural creatures so it always keeps the respective shows interesting. Teen Wolf also provides a good insight into a teenage life in a small town and makes this show really appreciable.

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4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Winchester family business is hunting monsters, killing things. Guess who else is in the same business by a preordained power? That’s right Buffy Summers. She is chosen by fate to fight mysterious forces and Buffy’s life revolves around her job while also trying to balance a normal life which makes her strikingly like Sam Winchester. Hailed as one of the greatest television shows of all time and having received strong critical and public acclaim, does this show really sound like one you could afford to miss?

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3. The Vampire Diaries

Did you know that a lot of people like Supernatural because the Winchester brothers are very very good looking? I’m sure it comes as no surprise. Supernatural has a cast of extremely good looking characters, from the Winchesters to the rogue angel to the demons who played the Winchesters. But apart from looks another reason a lot of viewers like the show is because of the sibling bond between Sam and Dean. The brothers might butt heads once in a while but they have got each other’s backs and they keep coming back. Good looking siblings fighting demons and monsters sounds like a lot of people’s fantasies. The Salvatore brothers are no different – except they are vampires and good looking ones at that. This brother duo protects a teenage girl Elena from various forces of evil in their town. The Salvatores and especially Damon makes Edward Cullen look like a second rate vampire.

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2. The X Files

This science fiction drama aired on Fox from 2002 and involves the reputed FBI agents Mulder and Scully. The plot revolves around the investigation of cases which concern the paranormal and extraterrestrial. A show that explores the developing relationship between the agents against a backdrop that clearly hints at a possibility of the supernatural existing, this show develops on the theme of thrillers brilliantly. If you’ve loved the case solving part of Supernatural, you’ll love watching Scully and Mulder in action.

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1. American Horror Story

A series that comprises of seven seasons, this show is conceived of as several self contained miniseries. Thus each season has their own unique storyline and there is no continuity in the seasons. The tales follow fictional accounts sometimes loosely based on real events and the stories range from paranormal activities in a farm to freak shows and cults terrorizing suburbs. A well crafted show which doesn’t reflect the same strength in every season but delivers a memorable entertaining show nonetheless. The elements of supernatural are shown with finesse in this show harking back to the golden days of Supernatural.

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