12 TV Shows Like ‘The Following’ You Must Watch

The Following is mainly about Kevin Bacon as Ryan Hardy, a brilliant FBI agent with a troubled personal life and his arch nemesis, if we may so call him, Joe Carroll. Carroll is a charismatic English teacher who quotes Poe by day and is a ruthless serial killer by night. However, that’s not all, Carroll assembles his own cult of like-minded psychopaths who are enchanted by Joe’s personality and look to him as a leader. A gripping and fast-paced show, they garnered a massive fan following in their first season, which I feel was the best this show had to offer. The other two seasons while still continuing down the same road and playing with the same elements did not quite capture the thrill that the first season permeated.

If you are looking for more TV series like The Following, you are at the right place. Here’s the list of TV shows similar to The Following that are our recommendations. You can stream some of these TV shows like The Following on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime.

12. The Killing

Based on the Dutch television show, this story is centered around the murder of Rosie Larsen. The investigation uncovers various secrets and interferes with the Seattle police department, an ongoing political campaign and Larsen’s own family. Spanning for four seasons, this show is remarkably similar to The Following insofar as the main investigator Sarah Linden is heavily affected by this case. Just like Ryan’s life, this case begins to take a toll on Linden’s life and no matter how much she tries to put it behind her, the case returns to haunt her, much like Joe Carroll would always remain a looming presence in Ryan’s life.

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11. Bates Motel

Do you know what we would have loved as part of The Following? The original case where Ryan tracks Joe down. We never got that, never got the complete backstory into Joe’s life – only fragmented bits and pieces that sought to increase the mystery rather than clear the air. Here’s another favorite serial killer Norman Bates from Hitchcock’s famous Psycho. However, here we have the satisfaction of going over in detail Bates’ childhood and his dysfunctional relationship with his mother. A piercing psychological horror drama, this show is thoroughly riveting and satisfying to watch.

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10. American Crime Story

If crime gets your blood pumping and gets you all excited, then you need to look no further. This is one of the best crime shows out there at the moment. A true crime anthology with standalone seasons, the first season dealt with OJ Simpson’s case and the second is about Gianni Versace’s assassination. A third and fourth season is already in the pipelines with the third likely to be based during the aftermath of Katrina and the fourth will be the delicious Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. What’s more exciting than charismatic fictional criminals? Real life crimes and their fictionalized narrations. So don’t wait, really, tune into this show and Joe Carroll will soon exit your mind.

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9. Motive

This Canadian procedural series is rather underrated but take a surprisingly fresh approach to crimes. They reveal the crime and the criminal right at the beginning of the episode and then backtrack into the investigation and try to uncover a motive. The methodology is much like Ryan and Carroll’s scenario where Carroll’s motives serve as an integral part of his apprehension. This Canadian police procedural enjoyed a huge fanbase in the years of its running and definitely deserves more viewers worldwide.

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8. Cult

The story follows a journalist blogger and a production assistant as they investigate the fans of a crime series called Cult and they appear to be recreating the crimes shown on the show. I, personally love meta references and this is a beautifully made meta show where the cult of killers kill based on a television show called the Cult. Well, fans killing people under the influence of some larger than life thing sounds like Joe Carroll’s posse and if that group made your skin squirm, then this group will help you with the same feeling if you choose to tune in.

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7. Criminal Minds

Ryan Hardy was a brilliant FBI agent who profiled Carroll and effectively caught him. The BAU team of profilers would be someplace where Hardy would feel right at home. Watch this talented team as they profile dangerous killers each day and assist local law enforcement nationwide to prevent crimes. The focus on methodology and profiling will definitely appeal to those who enjoyed the detection aspect of The Following.

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