Love During Lockup: All Filming Locations Explored

A spinoff of ‘Love After Lockup,’ WE tv’s ‘Love During Lockup’ is a reality dating series that revolves around different couples across the nation as they attempt to keep their relationship afloat while one of them is incarcerated in one of the jails. In the fifth season, new couples are introduced as some serious drama unfolds between them, involving sending money and awkward video dates. As the free individuals visit the jail to spend time with their loved ones behind bars, they are also faced with a series of different challenges and obstacles.

Among the couples, some people are obsessed with prisoner pursuit, and others share the relationship of a pen pal with an inmate. While the unique format and premise of the reality show keep the viewers entertained, the unconventional shooting sites, such as different prisons, keep the audience guessing about their actual locations.

Where is Love During Lockup Filmed?

Shooting for ‘Love During Lockup’ takes place in different states across the nation, including New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Idaho, Missouri, Texas, Maryland, Washington DC, New York, and Virginia. Through different seasons, the filming unit has utilized the locales of various cities and townships, some of which are Greenwich, Yukon, Lancaster, and Beltsville.

New Jersey

Several scenes of season 1 involving Gabrielle and Christopher were shot in the City of Orange, New Jersey. In season 5, the production team set up camp in New Jersey again, this time in the township of Greenwich, in order to tape several key portions involving Andrew and Candice. The cameras followed the interpersonal drama and activities of the cast members of the fifth season as they went about their days.


For shooting pivotal sequences of the fifth season of ‘Love During Lockup’ involving Tennie and Rob, the filming unit traveled to the city of Yukon, which is a city situated in eastern Canadian County in Oklahoma. Due to restrictions imposed by the authorities, scenes are usually not taped inside the prisons. However, in the sequence where Tennie took her kids to meet Rob in prison, we can spot the exteriors of Lawton Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility in Lawton in Comanche County, Oklahoma. In earlier times, the city served as an urban center for area farmers and the site of a mining operation.

Other Locations

Additional portions of the unique dating reality show take place in Highland Village in Texas, Beltsville in Maryland, Washington DC, Buffalo in New York, and Richmond in Virginia. Moreover, while the scenes involving Ayonna and Jamahl in season 5 were taped in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the portions of Rick and Samantha in the fifth iteration were recorded in Gilbert, Arizona. In order to shoot the scenes focusing on the relationship between Joey and Michael in season 5 of ‘Love During Lockup,’ the filming unit set up camp in Boise, Idaho. When it came to taping the scenes involving Shonta and True, the crew members utilized the locales of Kansas City, Missouri.

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