Where Was MasterChef Season 14 Filmed?

Based on the eponymous British series, ‘MasterChef’ is a reality cooking competition show that gives hundreds of amateur and home chefs across the nation a chance to earn the prestigious title of MasterChef and become recognized professional chefs. Created by Franc Roddam, the series follows a similar format each season, with just a twist in the challenges and themes. For instance, in season 14, the home chefs went through a set of unique challenges, such as taking over a restaurant, facing the iconic Mystery Box challenges, creating a Michelin-star quality three-course meal at the Tag Team event, and more.

As far as the theme of the season is concerned, the contestants represented four generations of cooking talent — Generation Z, Millenials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers. Occupying the judges’ chairs are Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez, and Joe Bastianich, who taste the dishes of each contestant and decide who goes to the next round. While the competitive spirit and format of the show made the viewers invested in different contestants throughout the season, the iconic kitchen space, as well as other outdoor sites, tended to make them ask questions about the filming locations.

MasterChef Season 14 Shooting Locations

Following the pattern of most of the previous seasons, ‘MasterChef’ season 14 was also primarily shot in California, especially in Los Angeles County. As per reports, principal photography for the fourteenth iteration got underway in October 2023 and continued for about 8-10 weeks before concluding in December of the same year.

Burbank, Los Angeles

Almost the entirety of season 14 of ‘MasterChef’ was lensed in and around Los Angeles, a city associated with the Hollywood industry, situated in Southern California. Just like many previous seasons, the shooting for many pivotal sequences of season 14 was recorded in the MasterChef soundstage, located in Burbank in Los Angeles County, California. It consists of every other required space necessary for the cooking series, including a large kitchen space with a cooking station for each contestant, a well-stocked pantry, a balcony, a fridge area, and many others.

For one of the outdoor challenges, the contestants in the fourteenth season set up camp in the BMO Stadium. Situated at 3939 South Figueroa Street in Los Angeles, the stadium is the home of LAFC, a soccer club that plays in Major League Soccer. Apart from the backdrop of the soccer stadium, many of you might also spot several other iconic monuments and buildings in the background of aerial and exterior portions, including the Hollywood Sign, the Los Angeles City Hall, Venice Beach, the Griffith Observatory, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Venice Canal Historic District.

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