Netflix’s Bros: All Filming Locations of the Israeli Show

The creation of Guy Amir and Hanan Savyon, Netflix’s Bros (which is called ‘Through Fire and Water’ in Hebrew) is an Israeli comedy-drama series about two inseparable lifelong friends—Pini and Nisso. The natives of Jerusalem and owners of a local bar also share a love for the Beitar Jerusalem soccer club. All of a sudden, their friendship and lives turn upside down when their beloved bar is on the brink of closure.

Meanwhile, since their favorite soccer team is going to participate in the most crucial match in its history, Pini and Nisso decide to focus on that and travel from Jerusalem to Krakow to attend the match live in the stadium. Led by the hilarious performances of the two creators — Guy Amir and Hanan Savyon — the show also features other talented actors in supporting roles, including Efrat Boimold, Yaniv Swissa, Shlomi Avraham, Yael Sztulman, Omer Hazan, Shir Abramov, and Swell Ariel Or. Since most of the drama unfolds in Jerusalem and Krakow, it is only natural for a few questions to arise regarding the actual locations of ‘Bros.’

Where is Bros Filmed?

‘Bros’ is filmed mainly in Israel and Poland, especially in Jerusalem and Kraków. Several other European countries, including the Netherlands, Ukraine, and Georgia, also host the production of the Israeli series. From the looks of it, the principal photography for the debut season commenced around late 2022 or early 2023 and wrapped up in early February 2023.

Jerusalem, Israel

Since the two lead characters are based in Jerusalem, many scenes are set in the Israeli capital, all of which are reportedly lensed on location. Situated in West Asia, Jerusalem is known to be one of the oldest cities in the world. The historic and culturally significant landscape of the city is featured in various exterior scenes of different episodes. It is home to many monuments and attractions, including the Tower of David, Zion Square, the Chords Bridge, and the Western Wall, some of which you might be able to spot in the backdrop of a few sequences.

Kraków, Poland

The crucial match of the favorite soccer team of Pini and Nisso takes place in Kraków, which is where several vital portions of ‘Bros’ are also taped. Lying on the Vistula River in Poland’s Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Kraków takes its soccer quite seriously, as portrayed in the show. Since the stadium that hosts the anticipated soccer match is set in the city in the show, significant portions of the same were recorded in and around one of the local soccer stadiums.

Other Locations

For shooting additional portions of ‘Bros,’ the filming unit also travels to the Netherlands, specifically the city of Amsterdam. Furthermore, reports suggest that a few key sequences are taped in a couple of other countries, including Ukraine and Georgia. The latter is a transcontinental country in Eastern Europe as well as West Asia.

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