Netflix’s Fame After Fame: Filming Locations

Alternately titled ‘¡Sálvese quien pueda!,’ Netflix’s ‘Fame After Fame’ is a Spanish reality docuseries that focuses on the stars of the most successful Spanish television series — ‘Sálvame.’ Following the conclusion of the series in 2023 after a successful 14-year run, the influential personalities of the show — Kiko Matamoros, Kiko Hernández, Belén Esteban, Chelo García-Cortés, Victor Sandoval, Lydia Lozano, Terelu Campos, and María Patiño — decide to travel across the States and Mexico in search of new job opportunities.

However, as soon as they touch down in Miami, the group of celebrities receive some unpleasant news. As time progresses, drama between the personalities ensues as egos clash and opinions differ, so much so that some of them even threaten to quit and return to Spain. As the group travels across the US and Mexico, the viewers are also taken to some interesting sites, which raise several questions about the actual filming locations in their minds.

Fame After Fame Shooting Locations

‘Fame After Fame’ is filmed in Florida and Mexico, especially in Miami and Mexico City. Reports suggest that the principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the reality series commenced in July 2023 and wrapped up in a month or so, in August of the same year. So, let’s follow the Spanish personalities across the US and take a look at all the specific sites that they visit in the Netflix production!

Miami, Florida

For the purpose of shooting the show, the cast and crew visit the coastal city of Miami in Florida. Often referred to as the Magic City, the metropolis enjoys a sunny weather and is a paradise for beach lovers. Interestingly, the production team of ‘Fame After Fame’ also settled on one of the most famous beach cities in the state, Miami Beach, to film the first installment of the reality docuseries.

Known across the globe for its pristine sandy beaches, fun cultural scene, historical museums, vibrant art galleries, and shopping avenues, the island city in Miami-Dade County is a tourist destination that attracts people from all across the world. The above-mentioned factors, along with the fact that it is packed with numerous employment opportunities, make it a suitable filming site for the show.

Mexico City, Mexico

The capital city of Mexico is also one of the sites that serve as the backdrop of the Netflix series. The crew and the stars travel to a number of sites in the region to tape multiple sequences of the show. Located in the Valley of Mexico in the south-central region of the country, Mexico City is home to several historical buildings embellished with stunning architecture and cobbled streets dating back to the pre-Hispanic and colonial era.

Apart from the charming and scenic landmarks, it boasts a rich food and art scene coupled with quirky neighborhoods and upbeat entertainment avenues that prove as ideal spots to let one’s hair down. From what we can tell, the celebrities had a pleasurable time enjoying the delectable cuisine and exploring several sites of Mexico City AKA Ciudad de México or CDMX while lensing the first season of ‘Fame After Fame.’

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