Where Was The Golden Hour Filmed?

Originally titled ‘Het gouden uur,’ Netflix’s ‘The Golden Hour’ is a Dutch crime thriller drama series that follows the Dutch detective of Afghan descent, Mardik Sardagh, whose life gets turned upside down as soon as he learns that his childhood friend Faysal Taher is in the Netherlands. Distrusted by his agency, the detective finally has a chance to redeem himself and earn back his reputation as he suspects that Faysal might have some ulterior motive to be in the country.

Mardik’s intuition about his childhood friend becomes more solid when a tourist attack occurs the very next day. Beginning to suspect Faysal of foul play, the detective keeps an eye on him and investigates the series of tourist attacks occurring across the country. However, some deadly consequences await him. Featuring some brilliant international talents as cast members, including Nasrdin Dchar, Ellen Parren, Nabil Mallat, Abbas Fasaei, Yannick de Waal, and Tamar van den Dop, the crime series takes place in a variety of interesting sites as the detective attempts to get to the bottom of the tourist attacks, keeping the viewers guessing about the filming locations as well.

The Golden Hour Was Shot in Spain and the Netherlands

‘The Golden Hour’ is filmed in Spain and the Netherlands, particularly in Andalucía, Noord-Holland, Zoetermeer, and Ede. It appears that the production for the inaugural iteration of the thriller series got underway in October 2021 and continued for about five months, before getting wrapped up in March 2022. Without any further delay, allow us to take you through all the specific sites that make an appearance in the Netflix production!

Andalucía, Spain

The filming unit travels to the south of the Iberian Peninsula and sets up camp in the autonomous community of Andalucía to lens several pivotal sequences for ‘The Golden Hour.’ The province of Almería serves as one of the prominent filming sites with the cast and crew turning various streets and neighborhoods into film sets. Numerous exterior portions are taped in El Chorrillo, a stage situated at Calle de los Llanos de Castro, 24 in Almería. Also, the production team makes the most of the old mining town of Las Menas in Almería to shoot a few scenes.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Since a significant portion of ‘The Golden Hour’ is based in the Netherlands, the filming unit decided to record many scenes on location across the nation. For instance, the capital of the Netherlands — Amsterdam — hosts the production of the crime show as the cast and crew utilize the locales of the city for shooting purposes. Thus, you are likely to spot numerous local landmarks and attractions in the backdrop, including the Keizersgracht, the Royal Concertgebouw, the Rijksmuseum, the Museumplein, and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Besides the Nasrdin Dchar starrer, the capital has served as a prominent production location for multiple film and TV projects, such as ‘The Counselor,’ ‘The Whole Ten Yards,’ ‘Kidnapping Mr. Heineken,’ ‘Bonded By Blood,’ and ‘Van der Valk.’

Other Locations in the Netherlands

Additional portions of ‘The Golden Hour’ are also taped in other places across the Netherlands, including in and around the city of Roosendaal. The production team even moves to the province of South Holland, to Zoetermeer, as they lens pivotal sequences in and around the AIVD at Europaweg 4 in Zoetermeer. Some parts of ‘The Golden Hour’ are also recorded in the municipality and town of Ede.

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