Netflix’s The Signal: Exploring All the Shooting Locations

Netflix’s ‘The Signal’ is a German science fiction mystery drama series that revolves around the tragedy of the mysterious disappearance of an astronaut right at the end of the mission. After spending months away from Earth in space, astronaut Paula is looking forward to a sweet reunion with her husband Sven and their daughter Charlie. However, when her plan disappears into thin air, Sven and Charlie are left worried and riddled about the whereabouts of Paula. Soon, Sven notices that Paula has left behind a breadcrumb trail that he follows with Charlie. However, the further the father-daughter duo follows the trail, the deeper and more dangerous the riddle gets.

As the world and threat become greater with time, Sven’s life begins collapsing. It is found that during her time on the ISS, Paula discovered something unfathomable in the depths of space. Originally titled ‘Das Signal,’ the sci-fi drama show features stellar performances from a group of talented actors, including Florian David Fitz, Peri Baumeister, Yuna Bennett, Hadi Khanjanpour, Sheeba Chadha, Katharina Schüttler, and Nilam Farooq. An odyssey between Earth and outer space is marked by the multitude of places explored by Paula, Sven, and Charlie, through different episodes of the show, which is bound to raise several questions about its filming sites.

Where is The Signal Filmed?

‘The Signal’ is filmed in Germany and Morocco, especially in Saxony, Bavaria, and some portions of the Sahara. As per reports, production of the sci-fi series got underway in late 2022 under the working title ‘Hello’ and wrapped up in a few months, in February 2023. So, allow us to provide you with information about the specific locations where the shooting of the Netflix series takes place.

Saxony, Germany

Many pivotal sequences for ‘The Signal’ are lensed in the German state of Saxony as the production team sets up camp in the city of Leipzig, which lies in the southernmost part of the North German Plain. Given the blend of modern and historical architecture, Leipzig works as an ideal shooting location for different kinds of projects, including a sci-fi show like ‘The Signal.’ You are likely to spot some of the tallest structures or buildings that are associated with the city in the backdrop of a few scenes, including DVB-T-Sendeturm, City-Hochhaus Leipzig, Fernmeldeturm Leipzig, and Tower of New Town Hall, to name some.

Bavaria, Germany

A major chunk of ‘The Signal’ is also taped in the capital of the German state of Bavaria — Munich. The diverse landscape that includes various palaces, castles, high-rise buildings, and Old Town provides a suitable backdrop for the other planet as well as the Earth portrayed in the Netflix show. Over the years, movies and shows like ‘2001: A Space Travesty,’ ‘The Hunt for the Hidden Relic,’ ‘Operation Ganymed,’ and ‘Biohackers,’ have utilized the locales of Munich for the production.


The vast desert that is explored by Sven and his daughter Charlie in ‘The Signal’ is a portion of the Sahara, located in Morocco. The Sahara is known to be the largest hot desert in the world as it covers about 31% of the entire African continent. The enormous sand dunes and rocky hamada make up the Sahara, something you might notice in several scenes of the drama series.

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