Hurricane Season: The Netflix Thriller Was Shot in Mexico

Adapted from the eponymous novel authored by Fernanda Melchor, Netflix’s ‘Hurricane Season’ is a Mexican thriller drama film co-written and directed by Elisa Miller. The plot chronicles the intense yet quiet tale of love and abandonment through the eyes of a group of teenagers who come across the corpse of a well-respected woman, La Bruja, floating in the canal. Feared by the community, the woman’s floating body causes quite a stir among the locals of the town.

Following the discovery of the corpse, the teenage friends delve deeper into the case and embark on an adventurous quest to uncover the mystery behind it. Along the way, they manage to bring some dark and hidden secrets of the town and its inhabitants to light. Originally titled ‘Temporada de huracanes,’ the suspenseful tale slowly unfolds in the fictional La Matosa rancheria, in Veracruz, which hides several secrets behind its quiet and scenic landscape. As layers of twists and turns associated with the town and its people are unraveled, the viewers find themselves wondering where ‘Hurricane Season’ was filmed.

Hurricane Season Filming Locations

‘Hurricane Season’ was filmed in Mexico, especially in the state of Tabasco. As per reports, the production of the thriller took place over the course of more than six weeks, in the summer of 2022. The Mexican culture is known for its passionate people, music, family, food, and unfortunately, crime, all of which make the nation a suitable filming site for the Netflix production!

Tabasco, Mexico

The shooting for a majority of the pivotal sequences of ‘Hurricane Season’ took place in the state of Tabasco, which is situated in the southeastern region of Mexico. The production team reportedly traveled across the state and set up camp in multiple municipalities to shoot important scenes against suitable backdrops. For instance, the municipality and town of Paraíso, known for fishing and agriculture, served as one of the prominent production locations.

Moreover, the cast and crew of ‘Hurricane Season’ were spotted recording a number of key portions in the small city of Jalapa and the municipalities of Teapa and Centla. Reports suggest that the filming unit also took over the municipality of Nacajuca, with the eponymous city serving as its seat. Although agriculture is its main source of economy, during the shooting of the film, production became another one of the sources of income for the locals. The city of Cárdenas, which is located in the northwestern region of the state of Tabasco, also served as a key filming site for Netflix’s ‘Hurricane Season.’

Situated in southeast Mexico, Tabasco is mostly covered in rainforest, thanks to the year-round rainfall it receives, giving the state the lush green appearance as portrayed in the drama film. Apart from ‘Hurricane Season,’ Tabasco has hosted the production of various movies over the years. Some of the notable ones include ‘House of Cards,’ ‘Embrace Me Tightly,’ ‘The Shark Hunters,’ and ‘Leaving No Trace.’

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