OWN’s The Never Ever Mets: Filming Location Revealed

The online world makes it possible for people to fall in love with someone whom they have never met in person. Focusing on seven such couples, OWN’s ‘The Never Ever Mets’ introduces us to their virtual love and how it can be the beginning of true love. Out of the seven virtual couples, a few have been dating for mere months, while others have been seeing each other virtually for several years. While they have certain differences when it comes to their ages, locations, and backgrounds, they share one similarity — they have never met their better halves in the real world.

However, it’s high time that the seven couples face the truth as well as each other and finally meet their partners from the online world. They are put together under the same roof for three weeks, where they find out if their virtual bond holds any value and can survive in the real world. The dating reality show’s host, Ta’Rhonda Jones, serves as the voice of reason for the group of couples as she checks in with them each week. She addresses their relationship concerns and facilitates several team exercises to help them bond. Besides the drama that ensues between the couples, the luxurious property where they stay keeps the viewers hooked as well as guessing about its actual location.

Where is The Never Ever Mets Filmed?

‘The Never Ever Mets’ is filmed in California, particularly in Los Angeles County. Apart from the vast and versatile terrains of the Golden State, the lavish properties also work in favor of the production of different kinds of projects, including dating shows, as they provide suitable interiors for such productions. It appears that the shooting for the inaugural iteration of the OWN show seemingly took place sometime in 2023.

Los Angeles County, California

A major chunk of ‘The Never Ever Mets’ is lensed in and around Los Angeles County, situated in the southern portion of California. The grand and luxurious villa where the seven couples stay for three weeks is the Pametasa Estate, which is located on Topanga’s bucolic Santa Maria Road. The 7-acre estate is surrounded by the views of huge mountains, allowing for a panoramic landscape. While the exterior of the property is dominated by a lush garden, its interiors offer a luxurious yet minimalistic aesthetic, which is evident in different episodes of the show.

The couples are seen hanging out in the large living spaces of the estate while indulging in important conversations with their respective partners in the bedrooms and other spaces in the Pametasa, including the poolside and master balcony. It consists of seven luxurious master suites, each coming with a private bath of its own, Italian linens, and modern decor. Other key spaces around the estate include six fireplaces, a kitchen, and a library room.

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