Serving the Hamptons: All Filming Locations

‘Serving the Hamptons’ is a reality docuseries that follows the staff of one of the best restaurants in the Hamptons as they work to maintain the popularity and quality of the restaurant and make the customers keep wanting to come back. In order to keep the staff in check and ensure that they take care of the customers, the owner of the restaurant Zach Erdem allows them access to his beach house. Moreover, to increase the strictness, he even enlists the help of Victoria Hilton who ensures that the staff is on time, doesn’t drink at work, and doesn’t get involved in romantic relationships with each other.

However, apart from the staff breaking several house rules, three of them also get involved in a shocking love triangle, giving rise to more drama during the summer. While all the drama that ensues and the day-to-day workings of the restaurant keep the viewers entertained through each episode, the gorgeous beach house and other interesting sites in the backdrop make them scratch their heads in curiosity about the actual filming locations.

Where is Serving the Hamptons Filmed?

No point in guessing that ‘Serving the Hamptons’ is extensively filmed in The Hamptons, located in the South Fork of Suffolk County, New York. The production of the inaugural iteration of the reality series was impacted by the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the team had to adhere to safety guidelines issued by the government. Shooting ultimately took place over three weeks in the summer of 2021, with several restrictions set in place, which required the team to avoid huge gatherings and organize events comprising just a handful of people.

Following the pattern set by season 1, filming of the second installment took place in the summer of 2022, but without the restrictions the former was exhibited to. As the cast and crew were mostly acquainted with each other, the process didn’t suffer from any hiccups, and everyone involved in the process had a lot of fun.

Southampton, New York

A major chunk of ‘Serving the Hamptons’ is lensed in and around Southampton AKA the Town of Southampton, which is located in the southeastern region of New York’s Suffolk County. The staff and crew set up camp in the popular restaurant 75 Main at 75 Main Street in the heart of Southampton. It is known for its contemporary American cuisine and electric lounge ambiance. Moreover, the gorgeous beach house of Zach Erdem, where the staff stays and spends time after work, also serves as another primary production location for the reality series.

During a conversation with Patch, Jack Tavcar, one of the servers for 75 Main, shared a few words about the beautiful house they live in, saying, “With the prices for rent in the Hamptons, we really lucked out to have a nice house. We walked to the water all the time.” He even revealed that they taped some scenes for season 1 at other East End sites, such as numerous other restaurants and bars, a driving range, and a bowling alley. Talking about the production of season 2 with Dans Paper, Zach Erdem stated, “Producing Season 2 was even more fun, as the initial ice was broken and the staff of 75 Main was ready to have a super fun summer, and we caught all the crazy action!”

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