Lifetime’s Stalked by My Stepsister: Filming Locations and Cast Details

‘Stalked By My Stepsister’ is a thriller movie that revolves around a teenager whose world turns upside down when she realizes a dark truth about her stepsister. Madison Andrews AKA Maddy is a 17-year-old who leads a regular life like every other teen her age. However, her life takes a dangerous turn when she learns that her stepsister — the newest family member in her life — is hiding something menacing behind her sweet and warm-hearted demeanor. Upon learning the truth and realizing that her sister is on a hunt and she and her mother have a target on their backs, Maddy pulls out all the stops to save themselves and put an end to her sister’s sinister schemes.

Helmed by the creative duo of John Burd and Logan Giese and originally titled ‘Her Stepsister,’ the Lifetime production is driven by an engaging narrative packed with twists and turns that’ll keep you hooked to the edge of your seats. Apart from that, the impressive performances by the cast members and the visual setting that perfectly defines the intense atmosphere of the story, further elevates the entertaining factor of the film, making many wonder where it was shot. If you’re looking for information on the same, here are all the details!

Stalked By My Stepsister Filming Locations

‘Stalked By My Stepsister’ was completely filmed in Minnesota. Set in Duluth, it was primarily lensed in the city with a minor portion of the filming conducted in Hibbing. The shooting of the Lifetime movie took place in mid-2022, precisely in the month of June. With facilities for the production of a wide range of movie and television projects, Minnesota boasts a flourishing industry, making it a popular filming destination. Now, let’s move on to learn more about the specific filming sites!

Duluth, Minnesota

Almost the entirety of ‘Stalked By My Stepsister’ was filmed in the port city of Duluth in Minnesota. Located in St. Louis County in the northeastern part of the state, the production department moved through several locations of the city to tape the thriller film. To be specific, the world-renowned Aerial Lift Bridge served as the backdrop of a few scenes in the movie. Located exactly at 601 South Lake Avenue, the lift bridge is a very popular landmark in the region and was formerly referred to as Aerial Bridge or Aerial Ferry Bridge.

Situated on the northern edge of Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake by area, Duluth is famous for its stunning natural landscape, blossoming arts scene, vibrant culture, a wide range of restaurants and breweries, hiking and mountain biking trail system, gorgeous vistas and pleasant weather. Therefore, it makes sense why the filming team of the stalker-themed movie chose the city as a shooting site. Over the years, it has also served as a filming location for movies and shows like ‘Iron Will,’ ‘Shock Theatre,’ ‘You’ll Like My Mother,’ and ‘Evening.’

Hibbing, Minnesota

Though most of the filming was done in Duluth, the cast and crew of the Lifetime production also visited the city of Hibbing, also located in Saint Louis County, to shoot a few sequences. As per reports, they set up camp in the area for just a day. Formerly known as the “Iron Capital of the World,” Hibbing is a charming city with warm-hearted and welcoming locals. Its breathtaking landscape attracts the attention of several filmmakers who visit the city for various productions. ‘I Am Not a Serial Killer,’ and ‘Gravedigger Dave’s Halfway House’ are some of the projects that were shot in the city.

Stalked By My Stepsister Cast

The cast of ‘Stalked By My Stepsister’ is led by Christa Rose, who steps into the shoes of Madison Andrews AKA Maddy. You may recognize the actress from her performance in shorts like ‘The Wagon Wheel’ and ‘Aquaphobia.’ Eva Igo joins Christa in the role of Devon Miller. She is best known for her work in ‘The Last Astronaut’ and ‘If I Could Ride.’ Interestingly, Eva is a professional dancer and has appeared on NBC’s ‘World of Dance.’ ‘The Adventures of Ben Keller and Christoph Schultz’ fame Caitlin “Cait” Collins essays the character of Laura Miller in the Lifetime production.

Kiki Yellam appears as Gia Benton, while Tyler Noble portrays the role of Kent Miller. It also features Alexander Zapf as Ian Taylor, Andrew Altepeter as Detective Waldron, Nicole Weber as Maureen Delisle, and Jiccarra N. Hollman as Kathryn Woods. The supporting cast also comprises Dan Mueller as Adam Woods, Jen Jesper as Teresa Motley, Nick Hansen as Paramedic, Andrew Stecker as Detective Stevens, Keely Yulla Kemp AKA Keely Gelineau as Nurse, and Bronson Talcott as Photographer. In addition, Tessa Torreano appears as a background actor, while Sarah Muckala stars as the Hospital secretary.

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